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Komprise Intelligent Data Management

Why Komprise Intelligent Data Management for Nutanix?

30X Faster Time to Value

In under 15 minutes, you can understand what file data you have and how fast its growing across all your storage. Komprise moves data to Nutanix with native access intact, so you can directly access files and objects without any lock-in to Komprise.

Migrate 27x Faster

Migrate and manage file and object data at any scale – elastic parallelism is designed to scale to billions of files, and petabytes of data with no dedicated infrastructure needed.

Cut 70%+ Costs by Archiving and Tiering File Data

Eliminate under-utilized infrastructure silos by easily migrating file data to Nutanix and cut ongoing costs by analyzing and transparently archiving and tiering cold data to the cloud without any disruption.

Use Up to 80% Less Space and Lower CapEx by 50%

With Komprise, you can analyze and plan across all your NFS, SMB and S3 data stores and get fast VM-related compute and storage performance

Native Data Access without Lock-In

Komprise is standards-driven, meaning no proprietary interfaces, no proprietary stubs, agents, no changes to your data path, no block-level tiering and lock-in.