Technology Alliances

Badu Networks

Badu Networks delivers solutions built on WarpEngine™, its patented next generation cloud and network optimization technology. WarpEngine enables dramatic improvements in WAN, mobile, Wi-Fi, broadband and cloud network throughput, without costly and disruptive upgrades.

WarpVM™ leverages WarpEngine to bring unmatched performance to Nutanix’s cloud platform. WarpVM boosts cloud network throughput and hosted application performance by up to 80% under normal operating conditions, and 2-10X in high traffic environments. It achieves these impressive results by eliminating the negative impacts of jitter inherent in virtualized environments, in combination with other performance enhancing features.

WarpVM installs entirely as a VM in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMWare or KVM environments supported by Nutanix AHV. No modifications to client or server applications are needed, and no additional hardware or software is required at the customer site.

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