Nutanix Partners with Hardis Group to Deliver an Innovative IoT Solution for Supply Chain Operations

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Delivering Innovative IoT Solution for Supply Chain Operations

Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT allows supply chain customers to get easy traceability of assets through real-time image monitoring and recognition. For example, sensor data from cameras, fixed or embedded on systems such as an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) or cart, will be ingested into the Xi IoT platform through data pipelines and passed to Vision Insights for AI inferencing at the edge. This enables the creation of a digital twin of the warehouse and real-time analysis of a situation.

Fast-tracking Cloud Native Journey with Karbon Platform Services

Damien Pasquinelli, Head of Advanced Solutions at Hardis Group, a global supply chain IT leader, shares how Nutanix’s Kubernetes-based PaaS, Karbon Platform Services (KPS), enabled them to take advantage of both a distributed architecture as well as support software development and machine training on the public cloud. KPS helped accelerate their software development processes and deliver the flexibility of where to deploy the applications.