Wipro Enhances AppAnywhere with Nutanix HCI and Nutanix Karbon

By Jasnoor Gill and Mayur Shah

June 15, 2021 | min

COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace of digital transformation, modernization, and simplification of applications, which is of paramount importance for your organization. Workloads need to be incubated and deployed where they can provide the best user experience. The industry is seeing an increase in the adoption of microservices, this resulting container adoption is spreading beyond application development to become an important building block of modern enterprise IT. However, enterprises face significant headwinds when it comes to designing IT infrastructure for both traditional and containerized applications based on Kubernetes. IT needs infrastructure that is capable of satisfying enterprise requirements for multicloud which can provide:     

  • Availability to meet enterprise needs, applications running on the Kubernetes® container-orchestration system have to be able to meet demanding SLAs and survive failures and disasters.
  • Upgradeability, Kubernetes has a reputation for being difficult to install and upgrade, creating downtime, wasting staff time, and increasing costs.
  • Management of a busy container environment and multiple Kubernetes clusters is a complex task that can require skills that are in short supply and high demand. Operations and development teams may need shared, role-based access to clusters.
  • Data services for enterprises that have high standards for data availability, protection, and security and require robust and efficient data services to meet their organization’s needs.
  • Continuous assurance, built into the platform as organizations increase the number of containers  deployed at an exploding rate and their surrounding ecosystem results in complexity.
  • Cost, IT budgets are tighter than ever, and given the continued global uncertainty, many teams prefer flexible OpEx spending to CapEx.

To address these needs, Wipro created AppAnywhere™, a managed service comprised of tightly integrated technologies that together deliver end-to-end automation of the IT lifecycle for traditional and container-based applications while guaranteeing required operational and business SLAs.

Wipro and Nutanix have collaborated to offer a number of advanced enterprise services, including Wipro Digital Database Platform Services™ (DDPS) and Wipro VirtuaDesk™. Now the two companies are joining forces to deliver enhanced capabilities for AppAnywhere.

Wipro's joint offering with Nutanix brings in the consumption based managed Platform as a Service built on strong Innovation foundation from both organizations. Essential for digital transformation, this offering brings an end to end platform for application development, continuous Integration, continuous deployment and container native storage services for frequent application releases. With AppAnywhere powered by Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) and Nutanix Karbon we are confident of deploying and managing complex microservices environments for our customers deployed In multi cloud with much lower TCO and aggressive time to market.

Lakshmanan A V, GM & Global head, Data Center and Cloud, Wipro

Introducing Wipro AppAnywhere Powered by Nutanix

Wipro AppAnywhere automates the entire IT lifecycle for traditional and cloud native applications while delivering freedom from cloud lock-in and the innate agility of Kubernetes. By partnering with Nutanix, Wipro takes advantage of Nutanix infrastructure technologies—including Nutanix HCI and Nutanix’s Karbon™ management solution—to create a simpler, more manageable Kubernetes environment that addresses the needs of enterprises and spans both on-premises and public cloud environments.  

By leveraging Nutanix technology, AppAnywhere delivers the agility, cost savings, and flexibility of Kubernetes using a unique architecture that allows enterprises to build, deploy, and operate cloud native applications in multicloud environments of their choice. AppAnywhere advantages include:

  • Flexible infrastructure. Nutanix HCI provides a flexible foundation for on-premises deployments that provides performance, scalability, one-click management, and optimized cost for traditional VM based workloads and cloud native containerized apps.
  • Kubernetes-as-a-Service. Nutanix Karbon eliminates the complexity of deploying and managing Kubernetes, integrating the guaranteed compatibility of an upstream Kubernetes distribution with the simplified deployment, management, and secured enterprise capabilities of Nutanix.
  • Cross-cloud mobility. AppAnywhere enables enterprises to avoid cloud lock-in with built-in cross-cloud data mobility. 
  • Visibility and control. Nutanix Karbon incorporates Prometheus, which is the defacto standard for Kubernetes monitoring and logging. AppAnywhere also includes the Gecko cross-cloud control panel, which provides  comprehensive visibility of all Kubernetes resources and services across all deployments through a single easy-to-use portal.
  • Continuous assurance. Chaos engineering is woven into the AppAnywhere service. Chaos is introduced into production systems to test and ensure resilience. Customers get transparent visibility into the resiliency of the underlying systems and infrastructure. 
  • Advanced developer support. AppAnywhere enables teams to incorporate the latest CI/CD tools, quickly and easily spin up development environments, and automate application deployment on Kubernetes clusters for development and production needs. Developers now get per workload logging and visibility automatically.
  • Unified commercial model. The entire service is charged on a pay-per-use model, a      model similar to public cloud providers, with the added benefit of being delivered to enterprises on-prem, or in hybrid or multicloud configurations as per customer demand.
  • Multi-level control, authentication, and alerts. Role-based reporting and access control enable your team and Wipro engineers to operate at various levels of infrastructure management and monitoring. 

The Foundation: Nutanix HCI and Nutanix Clusters 

Nutanix HCI creates a foundation for AppAnywhere that is simple, scalable, and reliable. Nutanix eliminates silos, increases utilization, and its compact footprint and a broad range of hardware choices from leading vendors makes it simple to deploy Nutanix in datacenters and remote locations, including production facilities, branch offices, and other edge sites. 

Nutanix Clusters™ provides a full-featured Nutanix environment on a customer’s  AWS infrastructure providing the agility to address unforeseen needs, serve new geographies, take advantage of public cloud services, and facilitate data protection and DR. With Nutanix Clusters, customer teams can operate on-prem and on their AWS infrastructure using the same processes and tools so there is no learning curve and no risk of human error.

  • Performance without tuning. With data locality and intelligent tiering, Nutanix HCI delivers excellent application performance without constant performance tuning. 
  • Simplified scaling. Scaling is simple, linear, and nondisruptive, eliminating the uncertainty that comes with capacity planning for traditional environments. 
  • Maximum Resilience. Self-healing resilience and automatic recovery from common failures helps ensure availability for Kubernetes and deployed applications, while built-in snapshot, replication, and cloning capabilities simplify data protection, DR, and data management tasks. 

Having these capabilities as a foundation for the AppAnywhere service results in greater flexibility and higher service levels for applications running in the environment. 

Nutanix Karbon: Integrated & Full-Featured Kubernetes

Nutanix Karbon is an enterprise Kubernetes management solution that dramatically simplifies provisioning, operations, and lifecycle management for Kubernetes environments. The combination of Nutanix Karbon, Nutanix HCI, and Nutanix Clusters delivers an enterprise-grade Kubernetes environment that offers:

  • Fast deployment. Configure, deploy, and expand Kubernetes clusters with a few clicks.
  • Flexible persistent storage. Native integration with Nutanix Volumes and Nutanix Files provides persistent block and file storage. S3-compatible object storage is also available with Nutanix Objects.
  • Non-disruptive upgrades. Eliminate disruption to production applications when patching and upgrading operating systems and Kubernetes clusters. Karbon makes it extremely easy to ensure your environment is always up to date for maximum security and functionality.
  • Monitoring, logging, and alerting. Karbon integrates and deploys best-in-class open-source components for Kubernetes management. Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Fluent Bit, and Kibana (EFK stack) are automatically deployed on every cluster.
  • Full access to Nutanix and Kubernetes ecosystems. Run cloud-native container workloads alongside virtualized enterprise applications and take advantage of other Nutanix capabilities as part of the AppAnywhere service. Because Karbon iscompliant with upstream Kubernetes, you can utilize all of the services in the Kubernetes ecosystem as needed. Wipro is well versed with Istio, making it the service mesh of choice for AppAnywhere. With Istio, Wipro can provide an unprecedented level of control and visibility down to the level of each microservice.

Why Choose Wipro AppAnywhere Powered by Nutanix?

Because of its global scale, Wipro is able to deliver AppAnywhere as a flexible managed service where you customize the deployment model, determine the level of your team’s involvement and choose from flexible financial models. By building on core Nutanix technology, AppAnywhere enables you to deliver cloud native applications on your terms without sacrificing enterprise service levels. 

Find Out More

To find out more about Wipro AppAnywhere and other joint Nutanix and Wipro solutions, visit Wipro and Nutanix: Better Together. To set up a meeting or a workshop to discuss the Wipro AppAnywhere solution contact

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