What It Takes to Succeed with Virtualization Management and AIOps 


December 16, 2020 | min

Virtualization management software is rapidly becoming a critical success factor for effective infrastructure operations. Nutanix Prism allows you to manage your global hyperconverged infrastructure across clouds from a single console. We are proud of Prism’s consumer grade design, ease of use, and intelligent automation. But there’s no substitute for what our customers’ think. Enterprise professionals on the review site IT Central Station rated Prism 4.7/5, and had lots of feedback on their experiences using the product. We’d like to share what they had to say! 

Seamless Integration

Connecting system elements is a fundamental part of virtualization management. The more seamless the integration process, the more effective the solution will be. The following testimonials from IT Central Station members talk about the seamless integration and flexibility.

“Anytime we need to add more infrastructure, the integration with additional nodes or adding a new chassis is extremely simple and well laid-out. Nutanix excels at that,” Johan R., Senior Server Analyst, Vocem Teleservicios, a tech services company with more than 200 employees, remarked.

Another shared that Prism Pro’s “deployment process was so easy and smooth that post rack and stack and management IP configuration, it just took less than 2 days to configure the cluster of 40 nodes, upgrade the firmware, create file service and VM space and integrate with our infrastructure.” Subramanya A., a Manager at Flipkart, a tech services company with over 10,000 employees. 

Ease of Use

IT Central Station members prefer virtualization management solutions that are easy to use because workloads are challenging enough by themselves. Using a system should not be a source of additional stress. For instance, according to Brad B., an IT Systems Technical Specialist at a small government agency, Prism Pro “is very intuitive and easy to use. It just makes sense. You don't have to look around for a lot of things. The things that you will be using are just there. Everything is on one screen. You can click through to go where you want to go, but there are not a million buttons that you have to figure out (where to go for what).”

A Sr Network Systems Administrator IT Infrastructure at Moda Health, an insurance company with more than 500 employees, echoed this sentiment, saying that Nutanix Prism Pro “enables our infrastructure team to automate operations tasks with ease and confidence, recapturing valuable time we can utilize elsewhere within our organization.”

Other notable comments about ease of use include:

  • “Since we made the migration to Nutanix, we now only have active servers at three locations, and we can manage them through Prism Central with ease. If you can't see information in one spot, you are going to overlook something that might fail, but with Prism we don't have that issue.” - Implementation Manager at Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a computer software company with over 1,000 employees

  • “We have seen return on our investment with Prism Pro in terms of man-hours and ease of use. We've drastically reduced the time it takes to perform various functions and to handle management, especially when it comes to DRs. Our savings have mostly been in employee time.” - Ryan A., a Director of IT at Acumen Fiscal Agent, a small financial services firm

  • “Prism Pro intelligently optimizes capacity, proactively detects performance anomalies, and enables the IT team to automate operations tasks with ease and confidence.” - Technical Lead at Aristocrat Technologies, a recreational facilities and services company with over 1,000 employees

The Benefits of Automation

The rapidly changing nature of infrastructure makes strong automation capabilities a “must-have” for virtualization management. As Anibal C., an Infrastructure IT Analyst at Daimler AG, a manufacturing company with over 10,000 employees explained, “Its codeless approach to automation is amazing and good. It does some automated tasks on drag and drops. It also provides you the power to adjust scripts and the code so you can do more than the basics.”

In particular, admins can confidently set up automation rules, using the CLI tool to deploy a machine and administration cluster over command line. He added, “Basically, you can create your automations on your own without using a DB.” The codeless approach to automation was also relevant to the IT Systems Technical Specialist at a government agency, as he said, “I don't like to code,” adding, “It's point and click, which is nice. It sets up your automation without having to do any coding.”

“The one-click process hides a lot of complexity by using advanced automation and consumer-grade design experience,” said Moda Health’s Sr Network Systems Administrator IT Infrastructure. “Historically, each cluster had to be upgraded one at a time.”

The Technical Lead at Aristocrat Technologies related that “Prism Pro enables smart IT operation and automation by optimizing capacity intelligently, monitoring and resolving anomalies proactively, and automating remediation and operations tasks.” 

As the Manager at Flipkart put it, “Thanks to multiple automations and self-explanatory dashboards, the overall operations load on my team has come down considerably.”

A Brief Clarification about Prism and its Tiers 

Prism features can be accessed via the Prism Central (PC) console, which is included with all Prism licensing tiers. PC provides a unified interface for managing all of your clusters, globally, from a single management interface. 

Prism Starter provides intuitive management of the entire stack, from storage and compute infrastructure, physical and virtual networking, and VMs. Prism Starter licensing tier is included with every Nutanix AOS license at no additional cost. Prism Pro and Prism Ultimate tiers add IT Operations capabilities that address IT Ops teams’ workflow. With these, Prism intelligently plans and optimizes for capacity, proactively detects performance anomalies, and enables codeless automation of operations tasks. This blog and customer quotes cover features and user experience with Prism Pro and Ultimate. 

To learn more about what real users think about Nutanix Prism, visit IT Central Station, or check out the product webpage for more information. 

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