Spooky, Scary the Datacenter!

October 26, 2020 | min

Picture this: You’re sitting at a bonfire with half a dozen of your favorite friends. The only light sources are the fire and a flashlight under your best friend’s face as she tells the scariest story she knows. Your friends huddle together under blankets and look over their shoulders anxiously in search of monsters in the dark.

Weren’t those the best?

While we can’t exactly bring that back in the year of COVID, we do want to fuel your nightmares with some creative stories from our very own Nutanix customers! We asked our Nutanix Connection participants to come up with the spookiest stories they could think of, and we’ve compiled our favorites here.

Here’s the catch: Can you guess which stories are fictional and which are true?

A Bump in the Dark

“A few years ago, I was working in the company office at night, in solitude, and I heard that someone came and was climbing the ladder. When I turned to see who it was, no one ever came. I looked to see if there was someone and no one appeared. Immediately afterwards, a chair moved down one of the corridors and moved a few meters. After that, I left quickly; I even left my cell phone in that place and I never worked those hours again.”
- Hernán Paggi, Open Sports

In the Shadows

It was a long night working on the servers. It was almost dawn; everyone else had left and I was still finishing my work. Suddenly, I heard someone shaking the blinds on the other side of the office, so I went to check, but no one was in there. Then, I heard another sound from the blinds. I looked over, and there was no one. So, I checked the whole office again; there was just myself. But then, I heard the blinds again—I was scared and tried to walk back to my desk, but then I saw a black shadow move very fast from one side of the office to the other. My heart started to beat very fast, but I decided to chase the shadow.

After a while, I figured out there was a small bird somehow captured inside the office, trying to fly out of the window since it was starting to get bright outside. Maybe it came in through the patio door overnight since we were getting warm. I managed to open the patio door again and sure enough, the bird went out.”
- Jackie Song, Interfor Corporation

Urban Legends

“Many times, I have to do work at dawn, and my colleagues always told me to take care of the dead girl who went out at night. I never saw her and was grateful that I did not.”
- Johan Rojas, VOCEM

Feeling Alone?

“One Sunday in the datacenter, I had to carry out a maintenance activity. In the tower, there were only two guards and myself. All morning, nothing had happened. Everything was normal. However, after 1 PM, we heard someone or something hit one of the windows of the datacenter. I thought it was a guard checking to see how much I was missing, but there was no one. This happened repeatedly, and when I left the tower, I told the guard. He told me that there are plenty of stories of folks hearing things when they are alone.”
- Erwing Izquierdo, Vocem 2013 Teleservicios

Noises or Nonsense?

“There were always stories of our studio being haunted. A couple of the video editors claimed they had seen ghosts. I was working by myself overnight editing a documentary. My computer crashed and I had to reboot it. As it started working again, I began hearing all sorts of odd noises that sounded far away and a little muffled. Sounds like car tires, chains being rattled, running water. I was starting to freak out when I realized that when I restarted the computer that was on the floor under the desk, it had decided to autoplay the sound effects CD that was loaded in the CD drive. I shut down the computer and decided I should go home.”
- Bryan Mangum, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Purge Your IT Monsters!

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