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Maya Bibi & Rose Batia

November 12, 2021 | min

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The dust has settled from the Nutanix .NEXT 2021 Digital event and we are thrilled with the outcome! Attendees were able to immerse themselves in the latest hybrid multicloud advancements that will help them digitize and transform their businesses, improve activity, deliver innovative customer and employee experiences, and gain a competitive edge.

There’s still time to catch up on all that you missed. As Ben Gibson, Nutanix CMO, shared at the inception of the event, this is .NEXT on Your Terms! Dress in your favorite leisure wear items and set yourself up in the coziest part of your home to delve into all that .NEXT has to offer you in the way of leading-edge cloud strategies and technologies.

Here are a few of the top sessions getting the most traction:

  1. One-Click Lifecycle Management for your HCI Environment
    Nutanix continues to innovate and make IT operations simpler and more efficient. Join this session to see how we provide comprehensive and intelligent Life Cycle Management (LCM) for your cloud infrastructure. You’ll learn about how LCM makes the infrastructure management experience better in terms of simplicity and reliability for patching and upgrading systems from firmware through hypervisor and HCI software. Get a sneak peek into the all-new, Nutanix Multi-cluster LCM that can automatically upgrade your global HCI infrastructure.
  2. Deep Dive into HCI: Getting to Know the Nutanix Architecture
    What makes Nutanix HCI capable of completely replacing traditional IT infrastructure? As you’ll learn in this session, it’s all about the architecture. Join Nutanix principal engineers for an in-depth look at the foundational technologies that power Nutanix HCI. Speakers will introduce you to the components of the core HCI architecture and discuss how they enable the resiliency, performance, scalability, and simplicity necessary to power modern datacenters.
  3. Accelerating Your Public Cloud Journey with Nutanix Clusters
    Get ready to build a hybrid cloud with Nutanix and AWS! Attend this session as your first step towards using Nutanix Clusters to extend the simplicity, security and ease of use you’re familiar with on-prem now to your AWS account. You’ll learn the architectural and deployment details that make it a faster, simpler and more cost-effective approach to extend your on-prem environment to public clouds. The speaker will demonstrate Nutanix’s native networking integration with AWS, built-in security policies, and the key features you need to jumpstart your hybrid multicloud projects.
  4. Deep-Dive: Building a Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix and Microsoft Azure
    Nutanix and Microsoft Azure have been working together to build hybrid multicloud solutions. Join the Nutanix and Microsoft teams in this session as we discuss the technical details of our upcoming offering - Nutanix Clusters on Azure. Get ready to learn how you will be able to unify your on-prem environment with Azure! We’ll discuss how Nutanix Clusters on Azure will help you seamlessly migrate or extend applications across cloud boundaries without any refactoring of code changes. You will be able to greatly accelerate your Azure adoption with built-in features that will make it faster, simpler, and more cost-effective to run your traditional applications on Azure.
  5. Solving the Database Complexity Puzzle: Simplify with the Nutanix Cloud Platform
    Today's enterprises are embracing hybrid cloud built on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as the ideal platform to run and manage their databases. In this session, you'll discover the reasons why. You'll also learn how to create a database environment that easily scales up and out as needed, while simultaneously improving your database availability. It all has to do with Nutanix and a platform that can run diverse database workloads with a custom-built framework that delivers one-click operational simplicity.
  6. Get More Out of Your OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) with Nutanix
    Red Hat Openshift Container Platform (OCP) is one of the most popular Kubernetes distributions for building and running cloud-native applications. But getting the most out of OCP on-premises requires the ability to properly configure underlying compute, storage, and networking resources--which can get messy when legacy infrastructure is involved. In this session, you'll learn how Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can make OCP configuration simpler and more efficient. Join Nutanix cloud-native experts to see why HCI is the smart OCP infrastructure foundation.

Apart from the breakout sessions, spend your time on the keynotes. Within the Day 1 keynote, titled “Mythbusters: Cloud edition ‘Go to the cloud,’” you can watch Wendy Pfeiffer, Chief Information Officer for Nutanix, as she quizzes a distinguished .NEXT panel on the myths around cloud technology. Questions such as, ‘Can employees operate as effectively from home as they did in the office?’ and ‘Is cyber security a bigger concern on the public cloud or on physical premises?’ are posed and discussed. Find out the what these thought leaders had to say:

  • Jason Ader, Co-Group Head of Technology media and communications sector, William Blair
  • Harry Moseley, CIO, Zoom
  • Christian AbouJaoude, CTO, Keck Medicine of USC
  • Jason Stump - CIO, Wynn resorts

And lastly, there are some excellent customer experiences to hear how customers all over the world are adopting Nutanix technologies. One example within the Day 2 keynote is Nutanix customer, Victoria Hurtado, Sr. Director of IT at Kern Health Systems. She talks about HCI innovations, their datacenter modernization, how they are using Nutanix Leap for disaster recovery and data protection and their business continuity strategy.

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