Meet Soojin from Enterprise Sales

By Melissa Sheehan

May 10, 2021 | min

Soojin (on the right) enjoying her honeymoon

As a part of our “Life at Nutanix'' blog series, we occasionally profile some of our Nutants around the world to help you get a sense for our unique team and culture. This blog post features Soojin Kim from our sales team in Korea. Soojin joined Nutanix in June 2016 and is currently an Enterprise Sales Representative based in Busan, Korea. 

Here is our conversation with her.

What attracted you to Nutanix? 

Before joining Nutanix, I was an Inside Sales Representative in charge of the Samsung Group at Dell Technology. Since Samsung Group proposed Nutanix, a Dell OEM product, I was familiar with Nutanix. 

I was excited about the excellent opportunity to join Nutanix in 2016 as a Sales Development Representative. During my interview, I still remember when Kim JD, the Managing Director of Korea, told me about the vision for the company and their hybrid cloud solutions.

Tell us about your career journey at Nutanix. You have grown into a few different roles within Sales since you joined in 2016. 

In 2016 I joined Nutanix as a Sales Development Representative in Korea. I then had the opportunity to take on an Inside Sales Representative role focused on Dell Technology. I won a number of deals through my experience with various clients, including schools, hospitals, and small and midsize businesses. Today, I am an Enterprise Sales Representative, meaning that I am responsible for some of our enterprise customers, like Korea Electric Power Corporation and many others.

Soojin at Sales Kick Off

For me, every deal is a challenge. That excitement is a driving force for me. I enjoy introducing customers to Nutanix.

Soojin Kim

How is Nutanix different from other places you’ve worked? 

Nutanix is the best company I've ever worked at in 15 years. The company I experienced before Nutanix was a mature IT vendor in the market. I played my role faithfully, but it wasn't easy to make decisions on my own. At Nutanix, my sense of reward and fulfillment has increased because of our ability to listen to our customers' experiences and to act quickly to support them.

Tell us about a sales deal that was especially challenging and exciting.

For me, every deal is a challenge. That excitement is a driving force for me. I enjoy introducing customers to Nutanix. It is rewarding to help them be successful and watch them make positive changes to their business. I am not just selling a product, but helping them dream of the value and creating a new ecosystem.

Soojin and her coworkers toasting our Nutanix IPO in 2016

Tell us about the sales team culture.

Our Korean sales team is dynamic and autonomous. I am grateful for the family atmosphere and the chance to learn about others by sharing experiences. Salespeople are trusted with much responsibility and have many opportunities to demonstrate our abilities and perform by achieving new challenges and increasing our customer satisfaction.

What is the key to your success in sales?

My success is not about me alone. I grow thanks to our customers who continuously trust me, along with our support organization and all my colleagues who help me and our customers achieve success. 

Soojin at Sales Kick Off

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I'm an honest and straightforward person, so there's not much that people who know me don't know about me. I enjoy meeting, talking, and exchanging experiences with people. My energetic and active personality is an advantage as a salesperson.

I have a cat named Yangsoon who I have had since I first started my career after graduating college. Yangsoon is 16 years old and is very cute, and a source of joy for me.

How would you describe Nutanix in a few words?

A turning point in my life.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Korea is still conservative, so there are not many female salespeople here, but there are some unique advantages of being a saleswoman that men can't touch. I hope to pave a better path for females in sales who are early on in their careers.

Thank you to Soojin for sharing her experience. To learn more about our team and culture, follow @LifeAtNutanix on Twitter or Instagram, or visit our Careers page to see open roles at Nutanix.

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