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A journey from intern to Nutanix employee

By George Davis

August 16, 2021 | min

Deerian Valenzuela joined Nutanix in 2018 as an Intern in the Sales Operations group. Today Deerian works as a Sales Operations Analyst in our Global Deal Solutions/Desk based in San Jose at Nutanix headquarters. Outside of work, Deerian enjoys walking his dog, video games, and swapping out parts on his computer to optimize performance.

Here’s a look into Deerian’s journey from Intern to employee.

You were introduced to Nutanix through a program called Year Up. Tell us about your experience and the benefits of the program.  

My experience at Year Up was like no other. I always had a hard time at school, so hearing about the classroom setting made me a bit nervous. Once I started in the program, I realized that it was more than a classroom, but also a way to build connections with students and Year Up staff. This helped to encourage inclusion and growth.

Year Up has a mentoring component. What lessons did you learn as a mentee? Have you kept this relationship going?

I was paired with a coach early on in the program, and from there on he became my mentor. It was great to have someone who shared their experience in a corporate setting, and they helped me grow in so many ways. From career advice to sharing life experience, my mentor helped me navigate the struggles and adversities that come with an early career professional role. This is exactly what I found at Year Up. We’re still connected two plus years after leaving the program and I’m so grateful.

From Intern to full time employee, I always felt I was part of the team. Nutanix has an amazing culture.

Deerian Valenzuela

Where did you do your internship at Nutanix? How did Nutanix help you succeed as an Intern?

I interned in the Sales Operations group, where I helped create Nutanix product content for customers. As an intern, I felt I was too inexperienced to present my ideas. People helped to build my confidence, and I started to really contribute to the team. Additionally, Nutanix encouraged my technical growth, offering classes to build my skills in Excel and other programs. I was blown away by the support and knew this was a place I wanted to work! At the end of my internship, I was asked to submit my resume and to join the team!

How has your experience been since coming onboard as a full time employee? Is there a culture principle that resonates with you and your work?

From Intern to full time employee, I always felt I was part of the team. Nutanix has an amazing culture.

I daily live our “Obsess Over the Customer and Frontline” culture principle. The majority of my work goes directly to our customers, so I hold myself to a high standard of professionalism, ensuring that anything the customer receives is my best work.

How have you fared working remotely during COVID-19? Share something positive about working from home.

I have an office set up at my house, so transitioning from work life to home life was not a struggle at all. Having the right office setup and equipment does make a big difference, so I’m glad we were able to create our work space with the right equipment to keep us successful in our roles. As for boundaries, I just maintain balance during the day, taking breaks to take a walk with my dog outside or get a snack, so it hasn’t been a struggle for me.

Do you keep in contact with Year Up?

The first year after I finished, I did a lot of informational interviews with students currently in the program. My favorite interviews were when I would invite the students over to the offices so they could experience Nutanix in person, as well as what it's like to work in technology.

Thanks to Deerian for sharing his journey from Intern to full time employee.

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