IT Emerging Stronger--Let’s Celebrate at Xperience!

June 11, 2020 | min

A New Normal for IT

The last three months have been a challenging time for all of us. Social distancing, shelter-in-place, online schooling, work from home, and more--they’ve all set the “new normal.”

Casting our eye on IT--what is the new normal for IT professionals like yourself? Our CIO, Wendy M. Pfeiffer, describes it as “death by a thousand cuts.” Today, IT is ever more needed--and madly in demand 24/7. At every company, IT professionals keep business going behind the scenes. Hardly anyone talks about it, but we at Nutanix recognize that and see you as one of the Heroes of the Pandemic!

Xperience: Our Way Forward Into the Future

Nutanix will celebrate our IT heroes by hosting our first virtual event, Xperience. It will take place in the Americas region on June 24th, followed by Asia Pacific on July 2nd and EMEA and India on July 16th. We encourage you to join us and meet fellow IT professionals who are redefining business continuity. You’ll leave the event with confidence that Nutanix is here to support your journey as we pull together from the crisis--and move onward. To keep our Nutanix tradition, we will have some fun surprises, with no exception for Xperience!

Let’s take a quick peek into the event. We will kick off with a keynote session, “The Way Forward  to a Digital Future”, with Monica Kumar, our SVP of Product and Solutions Marketing. Joined by two current and former CIOs--Wendy M. Pfeiffer, Nutanix CIO, and Virginia Gambale, Nutanix Board Director, Investor, and Former Wall Street CIO, Monica will lead a conversation to uncover how IT can and should navigate through the current situation and continue running the business into the future. Hear some insightful ‘lessons learned’ and inspiring ‘way forward’ from a CIO perspective!

Redefine Business Continuity During a Disaster and Beyond

You can immerse yourself in interactive sessions with our customers, executives, and subject matter experts through interviews, presentations, and demos. IT has a tremendous undertaking to do things differently and faster while minimizing impacts. The current event is forcing us to transform. Learn how you can drive digital transformation more quickly than ever. You can choose one or two tracks to deep dive into: 

  1. Work from anywhere: Everyone works remotely--full-time or part-time. Learn about how to fast track remote workers easily and securely with always-on apps and services. As we continue to live in this uncertainty, we must prepare ourselves for new ways to work. Is your organization ready? Let’s get serious about end-user computing.
  2. Unleash hybrid cloud: Businesses are rushing to the cloud with the surge of the pandemic. But is this the answer to everything? Not really. Remember, not all clouds are built the same, and to gain value out of each cloud, how you design your hybrid environment is critical. Consider a phased approach for building a seamless and efficient hybrid cloud.
  3. Enable self-service IT: Going through ‘death by a thousand’ cuts, you are desperate for any help that increases efficiency. What if you can significantly reduce IT tickets by automating repetitive, mundane operational tasks? How about delighting developers and business stakeholders with self-service IT? You can thrive, not just survive, with autonomous IT operations.
  4. Manage IT anywhere: Whether you work in the office or from home, you need to stay on top of routine IT management, or the consequence can cost you. What if you can update infrastructure with the latest software and patches, capacity upgrades, proactive troubleshooting, and more without traveling? Learn how you can make infrastructure management a breeze!
  5. Ensure business continuity: The “new normal” means the entire population of your workforce is working remotely--IT included. Yet, the expectation of ensuring continuous business operations persists, and you are under enormous pressure to maintain ever more stringent SLAs. Learn how the right business continuity solution can mitigate this pressure, allowing you and your business to thrive in any circumstance.
  6. Improve cost efficiency: Since the pandemic, you may have taken advantage of public clouds’ agility and its deployment ease. But have you checked your cloud bill lately? If it’s starting to get out of hand, it’s time to learn about cost governance. You will see how tactics like automated resource size optimization and TCO comparisons between private and public clouds can help you get the most out of cloud migration within budgets.

Let’s Have Fun--Nutanix Style!

We have a packed agenda for learning--but Xperience is not just for demos. It is our tradition to have fun and get the most out of it wherever we are, which includes a virtual conference. Enjoy yourself in the futuristic, interactive 3D environment and anything that offers. 

Meet other attendees with similar interests or challenges to yours and have conversations using the platform’s networking features. Look for someone who can be your temporary mentor. Requesting a meeting with Nutanix subject matter experts takes only a click.   

Try activities that let you earn points. From downloading assets to joining polls--you can collect points in more than a dozen ways and enter to win cool raffle prizes. Air pods, Apple watch, gift cards, etc. What you can win varies depending on where you are located. 

Don’t Forget to Test-Drive Nutanix

Are you one of those people who want to get your hands on the technology and try it out yourself? Then come to one of the ‘live’ test drive sessions. All you need is a browser. And, by the way, this is also one of the ways you can earn points!

In this 45-minute instructor-led lab at the end of Xperience, you will see first-hand how the solutions mentioned above can help you drive the fast transformation. Choose a session to participate in: 

  • Infrastructure and Smart IT
  • IT Self-service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (America and EMEA only)
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Data and Storage Consolidation (the Asia Pacific only)

See You There!

It will be a fun and educational half-day for those who join us. Nutanix is here to help you, the IT heroes, and see you through this difficult time. Be sure to register today!

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