During times of uncertainty, our customers need us the most

April 9, 2020 | min

A little over a decade ago, our founding team noticed IT struggling with mounting demands from businesses to support increasingly necessary digital transformations, and existing vendors simply did not provide the right support to fuel these transitions. When Nutanix was built in 2009, the team believed that there was a better way — and hyperconverged infrastructure was born.

As we grapple today with the reality of a global pandemic and businesses are challenged with a new normal, our unwavering commitment to our customers remains unchanged. We’re not healthcare professionals on the front lines, but we have a responsibility to help our customers maintain operations as close to normal as possible during this time of uncertainty. From proactive “system health checks” to ensure IT infrastructure of healthcare organizations runs as smoothly as possible, to an acceleration of some of our product roadmaps to serve our community better, we know we have a role to play in helping our customers continue to do their best work.

Accelerated Product Innovation

To ensure we deliver quickly on critical customer needs right now, we’ve stayed hyper-focused on optimizing our products. Our cloud-enabled virtual desktop solution, Xi Frame, allows IT administrators to set up a secure remote virtual app and desktop environment in just a few hours. Most recently, we’ve worked hard on several enhancements including persistent desktops, which retain user information like settings and bookmarks, and expanded peripheral support, including printers, microphones and more. And to meet local regulations and reduce latency, we also delivered additional availability zones for Xi Frame, through cloud partners in Osaka, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, South Korea Central, South and Australia Central, and Hong Kong.

In addition to cloud-enabled virtual desktop solutions, we have seen a significant increase in demand for Nutanix HCI-powered End User Computing deployments among our customers, including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). As time is especially of the essence right now, we announced Nutanix FastTrack with VDI, an offer that includes predefined Nutanix configurations and expert service delivery option to onboard thousands of remote employees in record time. This will provide secure, seamless access to business apps and desktops employees want while maintaining the security and control businesses need.

Lastly, accessible and easy to deploy disaster recovery (DR) solutions are now more important than ever. Last year, we launched Nutanix Mine to provide a single platform combining the benefits of our HCI with the power and features of backup software by Veeam and HYCU, as well as Xi Leap, our cloud-based DR-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering. More recently, we expanded regional availability zones for Xi Leap in Germany and Japan to add to our existing data centers in the Eastern and Western US, UK and Italy.

Simplified Remote IT

While IT teams worldwide work hard to ensure employees can work remotely, those teams are not always able to do the same. 52.8% of businesses have traditional data center infrastructures, which often still require IT teams to be on-site to manage, upgrade or troubleshoot systems. Nutanix’s software-defined HCI solutions enable IT teams to work remotely with the ability to manage infrastructure, upgrade and troubleshoot the entire software stack, and increase storage capacity from the main interface. Additionally, products like Calm, our multi-cloud app orchestration solution, and Era, offering one-click database administration and automation, streamline IT operation, leaving IT teams more time to support urgent projects.


Continued Customer Support

In addition to optimizing our products and services, we’ve made continued customer support a priority. For example, we now offer a proactive Health Check service for our healthcare clients to ensure their environments stay in a healthy state, providing an additional level of review of the state of the cluster for both software and hardware.

Our worldwide support teams and other key functions remain up, running and ready to attend to all customer and partner needs. We have contingency plans in place to allow us to continue to provide 24x7 worldwide support to our customers at this time for both hardware and software, and we’ll continue to do whatever we can to be of service to our customers during this time.

Many of our customers have shared stories of how Nutanix has helped them support their teams during this time. Hearing these stories only strengthens our resolve to continue delivering the best services to support them when they need it most.

We’re in this together, and we’re ready to continue innovating on behalf of our customers to power their businesses with reliable, flexible, and secure solutions. We also recognize this is an evolving situation, which means we need to stay nimble and ready to adapt to changing customer needs. While we can’t control what happens in the coming weeks or months, we can make a small difference and commit to doing our part in serving our employees, customers, partners, and communities.