Digital Transformation is About Building Resilient IT

April 8, 2020 | min

“Digital transformation” has become a phrase often overused in technology circles, leaving many to wonder what it actually means. Without a clear understanding, many in the enterprise space have invested in digital solutions in fear of not being left behind. They look to improve processes and productivity internally, in hopes that value eventually reaches the customer. The truth of the matter is, most of us have gotten it all wrong. 

Of the many lessons learned this year from the emerging COVID-19 virus, one that stands out is how “going digital” is truly manifested. Conferences, events, and meetings are being cancelled at an exponential rate. Companies are increasingly looking to find supply chain alternatives to salvage earnings forecasts. But most notably for you, infrastructure managers and end-users alike are being advised to work remotely. This obviously will have a tremendous impact on your ability to maintain your IT environment while meeting customer needs. And that is the lesson. 

When we think of serving customers and internal stakeholders, it's likely under normal business conditions. But, as we’ve learned from current events, our reality won’t always be “normal”. Which means businesses must be ready for anything. Being ready for anything means being able to maintain control under any circumstances, from any location, at any time. Digital transformation is about building agile, flexible, and automated IT services that are hyper-focused on customers. Under any and all circumstances. It's about achieving business continuity while also optimizing the IT experience. Think of the analogy of building a plane while flying it. Your business is the plane. How can you maintain a safe altitude while at the same time ascending your business to new heights?

The Pillars of a Resilient IT Environment

A resilient IT environment seamlessly integrates your infrastructure, software, and services. But it doesn’t stop there. The environment you need is able to maintain, protect, and optimize itself - minimizing the need for human intervention in times of crisis or normalcy. This is true digital transformation.

Keeping Operations Online

The core elements of business continuity are data protection and disaster recovery. Data protection safeguards your important information from corruption, compromise or loss. Disaster recovery restores mission-critical IT functionality. You can spend less time worrying about disasters and more time focused on high-value projects with comprehensive, effortless business continuity capabilities. 

Enabling Zero-touch

What is “zero-touch” you ask? COVID-19 isn’t infecting your datacenter but can infect the people responsible for maintaining it. This reality is displacing IT resources and limiting their ability to provide the level of support on site. This obviously puts a strain on your business. Zero-touch allows IT Ops and Infrastructure Managers to manage their environments without being in the datacenter. By having the right controls, responding to uncertainties like COVID-19 become more predictable, less stressful, and easier to manage.

Having Adequate Protection

You need the ability to identify and fix cloud security issues in real-time—before they affect your business. This entails app-centric microsegmentation and real-time security auditing with one-click remediations. Having the ability to establish and reinforce regulatory policies also ensures that your infrastructure is in compliance. 

Enabling a Mobile Workforce

Considering that many companies are advising employees to work from home in order to remain safe, your environment needs to support BYOD. Which entails delivering secure, responsive access to applications, desktops, and data to an unlimited number of users. Ultimately allowing them to work from any device, any location, and at any scale. 

Deploying Self-healing Capabilities

With infrastructure and application automation, eliminate the hours and days devoted to routine application management. How? By making the deployment and lifecycle management of common applications both automated and easily repeatable. The right solution can analyze consumption across all VMs, detect inefficiencies, and correct provisioning issues automatically. You can generate actionable insights to optimize virtualization, infrastructure management, and everyday operations.

Redefine Your Digital Transformation

At Nutanix, not only have we built a resilient IT environment, we’ve developed a way for you to try it for free. True to the zero-touch approach, you can take a test drive of the Nutanix infrastructure with no hardware or manual setup. Click below and explore an entirely new way of managing your infrastructure, applications, and data. 

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