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Un'unica piattaforma per eseguire applicazioni e dati, ovunque

Siamo leader globali del software cloud e offriamo una piattaforma unificata che integra perfettamente l'infrastruttura e la sua gestione, semplificando l'operatività dei dati e delle applicazioni tra i vari cloud. La nostra architettura software‑defined si adatta a varie opzioni hardware e cloud per offrire operazioni e servizi dati coerenti sia nei datacenter che nel cloud e nell'edge.

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IT Complexity is at an All-Time High

In today’s IT landscape, businesses grapple with challenges amid an explosion of application and data growth, rising costs and complexity, and a shortage of skills and talent. A recent survey highlighted the challenges:

Increasingly Complex Infrastructure


Currently, 60% of enterprises say they use multiple IT infrastructures. This setup creates new management challenges due the complexity of managing mixed environments.

Rising Cloud Costs


Managing cloud costs is a growing challenge, especially when using current IT infrastructures, according to 85% of IT decision makers.

Expanding Security Threats


Despite the crucial importance of data security and sovereignty, only 40% of respondents have full visibility into where their data resides.

Ongoing Skills Shortage


The demand for new specialized tech talent continues to rise, with 80% of respondents saying IT and cloud talent recruitment is an ongoing concern.

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Un modello operativo cloud coerente

Nutanix Delivers the Ideal Platform for Your Business

We deliver operational consistency and simplicity with a hybrid multicloud platform built for your success. Our platform enables you to:

Modernize Your Datacenter

Create a modern platform with hyperconverged compute, storage, virtualization, and networking at the core. We simplify how you procure, deploy, and manage IT services.

Unify Operations on a Single Platform

Our software-defined infrastructure brings together apps and data on one unified platform, allowing you to oversee your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Speed App Development and Deployment

Efficiently deliver self-service and automation to build and run both your virtualized and containerized applications and databases. Use file, block and object storage without adding new silos.

Move Apps and Data with Ease

Intelligently distribute workloads across various environments–datacenters, public or private clouds, or edge locations–without the hassle of retooling and refactoring.

Build More Agile and Flexible Operations

Maximize resources with scalable, non-disruptive operations and one-click simplicity. Portable licenses further streamline resource allocation for flexible deployment.

Protect Against Cyber Threats and Data Loss

Ensure business continuity and cyber resilience with robust design, policies, monitoring, access control, data protection, encryption, and self-healing systems.

Un'unica piattaforma per il multicloud ibrido

La Nutanix Cloud Platform è una soluzione infrastrutturale potente che offre sicurezza, resilienza e adattabilità. NCP supporta molteplici tipologie di carichi di lavoro sui private cloud, sui cloud pubblici e nell'edge e su più hypervisor e piattaforme di container, e permette di soddisfare le diverse esigenze di calcolo, storage e rete della tua configurazione ibrida multicloud.

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“Nutanix not only converges technologies, their software has enabled us to converge infrastructure, teams, and opportunities. By combining IT specialists into a single operations group, we can now see our end-to-end environment, work collaboratively, and make better decisions for the business.”

– Kevin Priest, Senior Director, The Home Depot

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