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Andrea Tomasino


Andrea joined Nutanix in June 2021, wanting to join a subscription company and Customer Success. He has worked in customer-facing roles throughout his entire career and in IT since 2018. He is focusing on creating value for end-users and long-standing relationships. Previously, he has worked in industries such as tourism, digital publishing and consulting services between Switzerland, the UK and Australia. Andrea is a highly work/life balance advocate, having found his own equilibrium while still traveling the world. After living in 9 countries – he now enjoys Barcelona while keeping a very active and curious lifestyle.

Alberto Bessi


I joined Nutanix in January 2021 and I am currently based in Paris. I have a great passion for technology and, especially, for customers. I love communicating and building strong relationships with them, helping them achieve their goals. I am looking forward to supporting Nutanix customers in their IT infrastructure and cloud strategies, increasing their satisfaction and exceeding their expectations.

Samantha Masciago Cara


City dweller passionate about travel, sailing, outdoor activities, and finding new adventures along the way. I am confident, energetic and friendly with a positive attitude towards life. Colleagues know me as a bubbly individual, passionately curious, and always up for challenges. I love meeting new people, talk about ideas, developing new relationships, and contributing to the overall growth of a business. Currently making infrastructure invisible with an enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of public cloud without sacrificing the security and control of on-premise infrastructure, freeing customers to focus on their business outcomes.

Andrada Enache


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Nicolas Meynard


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I started my carrier at Nutanix in 2021 and joined Customer Success in 2022. I always wanted to work close to the customers and in a technological Field , Nutanix helped me to reach these 2 goals. It's always a pleasure for me to build relationships with my customers and advising them about their projects regarding their IT infrastructure or their will to move to cloud. Always smiling and an open ear, my objective is to optimize my customers satisfaction to better fit their strategy and theirs goals.

Alberto Herranz


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I'm a technology enthusiast and I love being part of a company that is focused on innovating and bringing something new to our customers. Coming from an engineering background I have several years of experience in the IT sector, in technical consultancy, project delivery and customer-facing roles. I enjoy creating and delivering technical sessions to our customers, making sure they are leveraging their Nutanix products and solutions to their maximum potential, and supporting them through their whole Nutanix journey. I'm currently based in Madrid and work with the whole Southern Europe region.



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