AOS Enterprise Storage Capabilities

Deliver scalable, resilient, high-performance storage for all of your applications 

Move beyond the limitations of traditional SAN and NAS storage. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers enterprise-grade availability, efficiency, and protection via a highly distributed software architecture.

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Experience invisible infrastructure

Maximum Performance

Accelerate your operations with intelligent data handling.

Enterprise Resiliency

Get IT that takes exquisite care of your data—and of itself.

Continuously Optimized

Make the most of your resources with automatic data reduction

Why transform your IT with Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure? For the effortless performance, seamless efficiency, and cloud-like experience. Not to mention lower TCO.

How We Make IT Infrastructure Invisible

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud eliminates the need for traditional SAN and NAS solutions by leveraging a highly distributed software architecture to drive high-performance, resilient storage.

Application Acceleration

Enjoy high performance for a broad range of workloads via powerful acceleration capabilities and flash storage used both for caching and as a persistent data tier.

Automatic Optimization

Gain efficiency through intelligent sorting of hot and cold data. Mix and match hybrid, all-flash, and compute-heavy clusters.

Automatic Data Localization

Power performance by automatically localizing VMs and related data on a single node.

Flexible I/O Handling

Ensure optimal performance across a wide range of workloads with variable length I/O.

Always-On Reliability

Your Nutanix system not only has no single point of failure, and no bottlenecks, it’s actually built to detect, isolate, and recover from failures anywhere in the system.

Multi-layered Protection

Availability domains allow Nutanix clusters to survive the failure of multiple servers in a physical enclosure without loss to data or service.

Tunable Redundancy

Specify data redundancy per application SLA, and enjoy automatic failover (and rebuilding) in the event a node becomes unavailable.

Integrity Awareness

Nutanix automatically scans all data for errors in the background, and will overwrite any bad data detected with a replicated copy.

Capacity Optimization

Regardless of workload characteristics, your Nutanix storage resources are continuously optimized via intelligent, adaptive data reduction and automatic erasure coding.

Multi-layer Deduplication

Increase the effective storage capacity of a cluster with global deduplication.

Flexible Compression

Choose inline or post-process data compression for efficient reduction of a variety of data types.

Erasure Coding

Further reduce the footprint of cold data with our patent-pending erasure coding.

Get VM-Centric Enterprise Storage

AOS provides enterprise-grade storage for your virtualized applications. Unlike legacy infrastructure, AOS is optimized for VMs, enabling fast and simple deployments of highly available storage while eliminating the complexities of traditional provisioning. Whether your hypervisor is Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere, or Microsoft Hyper-V, AOS drives VM performance and delivers native hybrid-cloud connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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Nutanix Files Helps Enterprise Organizations Optimize Files Storage Performance and IT Operations

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