IT Infrastructure Management Minus the Headache

Manage your global Nutanix HCI infrastructure from one console. Prism simplifies and streamlines common workflows to make hypervisor and workload management as easy as checking your email.

Why IT Loves Prism

One-click Simplicity

Eliminate the complexity of IT infrastructure management with Prism’s elegant simplicity. Handle most of your management tasks with a simple click.

Deep Analytics

Correlate a wide range of performance and usage metrics to quickly identify issues. View your environment in granular detail, or from 10,000 feet.

Global Administration

Manage your global IT footprint from a single interface. Prism scales with your infrastructure, enabling seamless control as your environment grows.

Capabilities & Benefits

Single-Console Monitoring and Management

Manage your enterprise environment, from storage and compute infrastructure all the way up to your workloads, from a single pane of glass. Eliminate downtime and maintenance windows with streamlined support and upgrades, simplified workflows, and consolidated visibility into cluster statistics.

End-to-End Network Visualization

Get an application-centric operational view of your network—from every node in the cluster down to details for each VM. See how VMs and apps are connected to physical and virtual networks. Simplify monitoring and remediation with customized views of your environment and color-coded categorizations.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Maintain granular control over which IT staff can perform specified actions on entities such as VMs, applications, reports, and clusters. Group end users together for easy role assignment, and tag group entities for simple management of VM, storage, and network resources.

Workflow Automation with REST APIs

Prism’s comprehensive REST APIs enable automating end-to-end workflows, as well as integrating with existing orchestration layers. And instead of requiring single-site management, Prism can manage tens of thousands of geographically distributed VMs through a unified API gateway.

How It All Comes Together

Manage your global infrastructure with a management plane that manages itself. Like AOS, Prism is built on a scalable architecture that scales with your business and keeps itself protected. Manage your global infrastructure from a single interface.

Compute Management

Enjoy simplified workflows throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Network Management

Configure your physical and virtual networks, monitor network flows, and secure workloads.

Storage Management

Manage VM-centric workflows for storage deployment, management, and scaling.

What Customers Are Saying


“It used to take hours, even days to provision servers, now it takes minutes. I joke with my colleagues that it took us longer to actually open the boxes that it does to deploy servers these days.”

– Kawa Farid, Infrastructure and Operations

Mauritius Union Group

"Troubleshooting is much easier with Nutanix because of the great visibility we get with the Prism interface...With Nutanix, we can now focus on delivering services to our business units, not managing our data center.”

- Ravi Misra, Chief Information Officer

Trek Bikes

“Prism allows us to centrally manage our storage, compute, and hypervisor with a single management pane. As a result, troubleshooting and management tasks that used to take hours, take just minutes.”

- Dane Sandersen, Global Security and Infrastructure Director

Prism How-To Videos

How to Create a VM

How to perform Intelligent Search

How to use Categories

Before Nutanix, upgrading our infrastructure took a month of planning and executing. Now, it’s as easy as once click.

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Prism Tech Note

Built-in access and analytics for Nutanix clusters running any hypervisor

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