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Gain visibility into your infrastructure through health, availability, and performance insights. Get configuration recommendations for specific use cases and workloads to optimize your environment.

Announcing Nutanix Insights: Predictive Health & Support Automation Service

Capabilities and Benefits

Health Telemetry

Pulse metrics are the foundation to improving your cloud infrastructure health, availability and performance. Enabled with one-click simplicity, clusters automatically collect system-level diagnostic data, which is shared with the Nutanix Insights service.

Pulse Status
Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics 

Insights provides a simple way to understand software and cluster node firmware version lifecycle or compatibility gaps, including end-of-life (EOL) software or incompatible BIOS firmware versions.

The dashboard leverages a wealth of Nutanix infrastructure support knowledge to determine the health status of your clusters, including published field advisories, tech notes, security advisories and best practice guides.

Predictive Support

IT administrators now have a focused view based on severity level. Insights provides predictive support and spots infrastructure issues arising from Pulse metrics, enabling proactive hardware platform support. This includes node or disk degradations and high resource utilization situations.

A daily emailed summary of Discoveries provides a concise view of new issues with URLs for quick diagnosis and remediation. Insights prioritized lists include recommendations that simplify remediation with easy-to-follow processes, resulting in fewer raised support cases.

Predictive Support
Smart Automation

Smart Automation

Insights automates the support engagement process. This includes case creation, collecting and uploading relevant logs and diagnostic data, and assigning a Nutanix Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). Smart automation frees IT teams from mundane support case creation and log collection, enabling them to more efficiently manage their environment.

How It Works

How It Works

Nutanix Insights leverages Pulse diagnostic information from Nutanix clusters to produce actionable insights.

To get started:

  1. Enable Pulse metrics on each Nutanix cluster
  2. Review Discoveries dashboard for gaps in infrastructure health
  3. Act on provided prioritized list of recommendations
  4. Insights proactively creates support tickets 

Nutanix Insights bases its recommendations on your organization’s telemetry when compared with known published field advisories, tech notes, security advisories, and best practice guides.

Smart Support automates support case creation, collecting required diagnostic logs, and assigning a Nutanix Support Reliability Engineer (SRE) when required - streamlining support processes and saving your IT administrators time.

What Customers Are Saying

Rakuten Europe Bank


“The Nutanix Insights solution is simple, efficient, well-made, and good quality – it’s built with the customer in mind, and it’s a pleasure to use.”

- Thibaud Peras, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Bottomline Technologies


“Love it. Insights is saving me time, which is the most critical resource.”

- Jon Dustin, Senior Cloud Systems Engineer

Compass Group France


“Not having a ticket to open is already a good thing, but the possibility to see the problems related to a version installed on a cluster and how to solve them is great. It's the same philosophy that made the one click upgrade.”

- Olivier Massoni, Systems Engineer

Victaulic Company of America

Manufacturing & Engineering

“This is a step up from the older portal. Easy to navigate. Opening Support cases is much faster. Collecting logs is so easy. It’s an overall step in the right direction.”

- Mike Latham, Systems Engineer



Nutanix Pulse and Alerts Solution Brief

Nutanix simplifies and streamlines this process through two important support services: Pulse and Alerts. When enabled, Pulse captures purpose driven diagnostic data on a regular schedule. Alerts are event driven and help proactive support. 


World Class Support

Nutanix is committed to customer success, offering award-winning technical support, comprehensive professional services, and global training and certification solutions. 


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Nutanix Pulse: Big Data Analytics for Your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

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