Life Cycle Manager (LCM)

Cloud Infrastructure Software and Firmware Upgrades

Intelligent infrastructure software and firmware upgrades with comprehensive dependency management and 1-click simplicity.

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All-Together Now: Nutanix 1-Click, Non-Disruptive Cloud Upgrades

The latest release of Life Cycle Manager adds AOS, Prism Central, and additional platform component firmware to its inventory for 1-click upgrades.

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Life Cycle Manager Demo

Senior Engineering Manager Nikhil Bhatia discusses the capabilities and benefits of LCM in this in-depth demo.

Capabilities and Benefits

Unified Control Plane

LCM simplifies Nutanix IT infrastructure life cycle operations by consolidating software and firmware component upgrades into a unified control plane.

An infrastructure inventory shows software and firmware versions running across the environment, including any new versions available for deployment. 

Similar to a Linux YUM package manager, LCM enables the deployment of multiple infrastructure upgrade packages across a distributed cluster like AOS and Prism Central.


Seamless Dependency Management 

LCM elevates IT teams from the minutiae of software and firmware dependencies by automating the entire process. 

When an IT administrator selects an update package, LCM automatically adds all corresponding upgrades that are a part of the dependency chain, ensuring that, with 1-click, everything required will be installed.

Optimal Upgrade Plan

Customers benefit from streamlined upgrade workflows with minimized infrastructure maintenance windows due to how LCM intelligently calculates the most optimal plan for all upgrade packages to be deployed. 

Based on the bundle of components -- software or firmware-- that are selected for upgrade by the IT administrator, LCM creates a plan that ensures the updates are deployed with the minimal number of service or host restarts.

Predictive Support

How It Works

How It Works

Nutanix LCM provides a common control plane for upgrading Nutanix infrastructures. 

To get started:

  1. Use Prism Central or Prism Element to open LCM
  2. Upgrade the LCM inventory (default is set to automatic) 
  3. Select one or more software or firmware packages to deploy
  4. Click update to start the upgrade process

Unified Platform Upgrades

Nutanix customers can choose from a range of hardware platform vendors to power Nutanix software infrastructures.  As a result, LCM was designed to simplify firmware upgrades across different platform types and provide organizations with a single, unified upgrade solution.

The LCM software upgrade experience is the same whether infrastructure is deployed on-premises or with Clusters in a public cloud.



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