Nutanix Rejuvenates Tsingtao Brewery’s 100-Year-Old Brand with Digital Transformation 

Migration to cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solution streamlines management and enhances reliability of key business systems 

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  • Flexible, extensible infrastructure supports smooth, reliable business operations 
  • Improves infrastructure reliability to meet strict operational standards 
  • Reduce IT management workload, freeing them to focus on other priorities 


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS 
  • Nutanix AHV  
  • Nutanix Prism Pro management software 


  • Enterprise mobility management
  • Risk management and financial accounting 
  • Content management system 
  • Business process management systems 
  • Manufacturing enterprise systems 


With more than 60 breweries across the country, the 116-year-old Tsingtao Brewery is China’s leader in size and market share. The brewery continually strives to maintain its rich heritage, while embracing new technologies to keep pace with intensified market competition. The IT infrastructure is a critical platform for Tsingtao Brewery’s critical operations, and the organization realized it needed a more scalable, flexible solution to support new business initiatives. The Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution delivers flexible scalability, high reliability, robust security, and worry-free one-click management capabilities. This innovative solution has positioned Tsingtao Brewery in the fast lane of digital transformation. 

The Nutanix HCI delivers the performance, stability, and great ease of use that we need to maximize agility and establish a flexible, scalable foundation for digital transformation.

Xu Haiqing, Director of Information Management Department, Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.


One of the first Chinese brands to explore the overseas market successfully, Tsingtao Brewery has a rich heritage as an international corporation with global influence. Although the organization is proud of its history, its leaders understand the need to innovate to meet future needs in a challenging marketplace. 

As part of an ongoing effort to improve product quality, service and management, and create more value for consumers, Tsingtao Brewery launched an initiative to upgrade its core business operations and support an intelligent new retail model. Digital transformation of its IT infrastructure is a cornerstone of the strategy, and Tsingtao Brewery needed an agile, scalable data center solution that would meet its strict technical and operational standards. 


In terms of IT infrastructure, Tsingtao Brewery has set up strict technical and operational standards for the construction and operation of data center. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solution featured with high usability, simple interface and safety & security reassuring, offering extraordinary worry-free experience far beyond expectations, has placed a concrete foundation for Tsingtao Brewery’s digital transformation. 


The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solution provides Tsingtao Brewery a powerful combination of high usability, simple interface, and robust security. Delivering a worry-free experience that has exceeded expectations, the solution establishes a concrete foundation for the company’s digital transformation. With its flexible HCI solution featuring the Nutanix AHV hypervisor, Tsingtao Brewery can rapidly extend its IT infrastructure as needed, while maintaining outstanding performance. The solution makes it easy to expand computing and storage resources simply by adding nodes, to boost performance and capabilities. Business operations remain smooth and stable when the brewery needs to grow or adjust processes to meet new needs. 

Since its deployment, the Nutanix HCI has delivered consistent reliability, enabling the brewery to meet stringent manufacturing SLA requirements, while providing robust performance and data security. 

The solution has improved the efficiency of the brewery’s IT organization as well, providing worry-free daily operations and streamlined maintenance capabilities. The time spent on IT operation and maintenance has been largely reduced, freeing up more resources to focus on business research and innovation. 


Nutanix has become an integral part of Tsingtao Brewery’s digitalization endeavors. Tsingtao Brewery will continue to build on its industrial digital transformation initiative, working closely with Nutanix to create new value of this century-old brand for customers at home and abroad.