Realizing the Promise of Cloud in State and Local Government

Realizing the Promise of Cloud in State and Local Government

Over the last several years, U.S. state and local government organizations have expanded their investments in the cloud to improve citizen services and accessibility to government. This investment is a direct result of recognizing that the cloud, with its ability to facilitate the needs of a digitally enabled government organization, is a powerful and cost-effective IT solution, giving entities the flexibility to scale their environments easily and efficiently to meet their goals. According to the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) 2018 Technology Forecast, in FY18 state and local governments increased general fund spending by 2.3%. State and local CIOs — who are feeling pressure to find cost savings, drive consolidation, and increase efficiencies — are using these funds to increase investments in cloud services and X-as-a-Service for data analytics, service integration, mobile, and digital government services.

As state and local governments embark on this digital transformation, they are seeing benefits, but also encountering the challenges that come with any change. Do the barriers outweigh the benefits? What are the organizations, each with their unique needs, learning as they implement their cloud solutions? In 2018, Nutanix and Market Connections conducted a study of U.S. state and local government entities to better understand how they are using cloud, how it is supporting their requirements, and where opportunities exist to optimize their resources.

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