Technology Alliances

VM2020 Solutions

VM2020 Solutions’ latest innovation, CyberVR™, clones and transforms Nutanix disaster recovery sites into virtual cyber ranges without any impact on production systems. With CyberVR™, Nutanix users can safely practice detecting and responding to security threats, identify needed changes in their environment, optimize DevOps workflows to apply fixes, and generate evidence of an organization's cyber strengths and risks for consideration by technical and executive leadership.

VM2020 Solutions is an industry leader in advanced cyber resilience and DevOps solutions for private and hybrid clouds. Its CyberVR™ platform combines patent-pending simulation technology with Nutanix full-stack APIs and snapshots to help Nutanix customers:

  • Prove application resilience under severe cyber attack scenarios to executives, business partners, regulators, and end users
  • Assess their cybersecurity posture during full-scale operations with no impact on production systems•
  • Shorten cyber vulnerability detection times from months to days
  • Acton and resolve identified cybersecurity findings without fear of unintended consequences like system downtime or service disruptions
  • Reduce system-wide patch testing and application validation time to just hours
  • Improve forensic capabilities and performance
  • Validate insurance claims for cyber incidents as a result of available forensic data


  • VM2020 CyberVR 1.3 is Nutanix Ready Integrated for ESXi (AOS 5.10.1)