Technology Alliances

realMethods Inc.

realMethods and Nutanix have teamed to provide a fast and efficient way - to go from idea to initial application deployment on the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. With realMethods’ certified DevOps Project Generation solution, creating new or moving legacy applications to the Nutanix platform is quick and easy.

The platform dramatically automates significant portions of the traditional software development process while standardizing an organization’s approach to its development practices. No matter how much preparation and configuration has been done up front, a traditional toolchain does not come to life until something is first checked into an empty repository. Projects often get started by settling for “hello world” or simple scaffolding. realMethods is dedicated to improving the first code commit by being a true catalyst to any DevOps effort.

With this important partnership of Nutanix and realMethods, the automation of an application’s core services is now possible, serving as a complement to continuous integration and development.

Validated Solutions:

  • RealMethods DevOps Project Generator 1.2 is validated on Nutanix AHV (AOS 5.11)