Secure Enterprise File Services for Remote and Branch Office IT

CTERA and Nutanix modernize remote office/branch office (ROBO) IT with a highly secure and hyperconverged solution for file storage, collaboration, networking, and virtualization that spans on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

CTERA’s integration with Nutanix Acropolis and Enterprise Cloud OS enables enterprise organizations to realize dramatic ROBO IT infrastructure consolidation and to extend cloud- powered file services to the edge of the network – with no compromise on security or performance.

The CTERA Edge Filer, a virtual appliance compatible with VMware and Nutanix’s AHV hypervisor, allows ROBO users to securely access an unlimited number of files in the cloud as if they were stored locally, and to seamlessly collaborate on files with colleagues and offices around the world. Cloud performance challenges at the edge are mitigated with Nutanix’s powerful, unified IT operating environment and CTERA’s smart caching edge devices, which accelerate file access for any office or roaming user.

The joint solution is deployed entirely in the customer’s private network on Nutanix infrastructure, enabling the highest levels of data isolation. Files are sent to the cloud according to the customer’s policy using AES-256 encryption, compression, de-duplication, and bandwidth control.


  • Ctera Portal & Edge Filer 6.0 is validated on Nutanix AHV (AOS
  • CTERA Cloud Gateway (Edge Filer) & Cloud Portal 6.0.589 is validated on Nutanix AHV ( AOS 5.11 )