Apstra is the Intent-Based Networking Company. Apstra pioneered Intent-Based Networking and Intent-Based Analytics™ to eliminate the complexities and inefficiencies that plague data center network operations today. Apstra’s core mission is to deliver on the vision of a Self-Operating Network™ that delivers large scale improvements in CapEx, OpEx and capacity.

The foundational concept behind Intent-Based Networking is that an operator must be able to easily instruct a network what it should do (provide intent). The Apstra Operating System implements that intent on networks using any combination of Cisco, Arista, Juniper, Cumulus, Dell, and SONiC infrastructure. It then validates that the operator’s intent is always working as expected, and isolates and remediates problems autonomously. The multi-vendor network configures itself, secures itself, monitors itself, debugs itself, continuously runs analytics itself and documents itself.

This capability enables Nutanix operators to Make Infrastructure Invisible. Major networking vendors seek to compel operators to control very large, complex data center networks using proprietary management solutions. However, integrating Apstra Operating System with Nutanix Prism liberates Nutanix operators to automatically control any multi-vendor network entirely through Prism without human engagement. Prism provides the operator’s intent to the network and the Apstra Operating System makes it all happen.

The Apstra Operating System is Nutanix Ready. It is integrated with Prism and validated with AHV and ESXi. Nutanix, when combined with Apstra Operating System, makes any network invisible. Apstra is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with a full extended global presence.


  • Apstra AOS (Apstra OS) 3.0.1-96 is validated with Nutanix AHV (AOS 5.10.5)
  • Apstra Nutanix Proxy 1.0.0-4 is validated with Nutanix AHV (AOS 5.10.5)