Faddom provides agentless mapping of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, achieving comprehensive visibility within minutes.  Our platform skillfully visualizes servers, business applications, and their interdependencies, significantly enhancing hybrid network visibility posture. With a focus on Application Dependency Mapping (ADM), Faddom generates real-time, accurate documentation of IT assets—essential for precise visibility and effective strategic planning. We facilitate critical IT processes such as migration planning and microsegmentation by keeping dependency mappings current, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of outdated documentation. Additionally, Faddom promptly detects external threats and vulnerabilities, enhancing network security and safeguarding your infrastructure.

Benefits of the partnership with Nutanix to End Users:

  • Migration Planning: Faddom enables strategic, comprehensive migration planning, ensuring all dependencies are identified for a smooth transition to Nutanix.
  • Continuous Hybrid Mapping: Faddom offers real-time, dynamic mapping of multiple data sources, efficiently categorizing business applications.
  • Enhanced visibility Posture: Faddom identifies your external traffic, finds critical software vulnerabilities, and detects changes and anomalies in application and user behavior.
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