Nutanix Mine advances data protection mission with Commvault

June 15, 2021 | min

Today, we are proud to announce the availability of Nutanix Mine™ with Commvault®. Nutanix and Commvault have had a longstanding partnership over the last six years. Commvault was the first partner to provide data protection as a simple, secure, and transformative reality for our joint customers. Data protection has become a global IT directive across countries, industries, and organizations that are busy responding to the rapid shift of remote work and rising cyber threats. That is why the most recently engineered solution provides a simple yet intelligent data protection platform that delivers efficient backup and recovery services no matter where your data resides so that you can keep your business up and running under all circumstances.

Data Is Your Most Important Asset - So Protect It

All these new age applications have also resulted in data explosion and fragmentation. With the exponential growth of cloud computing, mobile applications, IOT, EUC, and remote work in recent years, infrastructure complexity has increased many folds. Another emerging challenge today is protecting against the ever increasing ransomware attacks. There has been a 146% increase in ransomware attacks since February 2020. While the premium associated with all this data is at an all-time high, it is an arduous task to protect it given the proliferation of data types, dependency on staffing resources, and data silos that prevent you from accessing all your data and acting on it.

Good data stewardship is not going away. Businesses will continue to face planned and unplanned interruptions and stringent compliance regulations must be met. In fact, organizations need to double down on their data protection efforts by adopting modern solutions that are simple to manage without requiring specialization, provide global visibility and manageability of data, perform at scale, and provide built-in security against cyber threats.

Enter - Nutanix Mine with Commvault®

Nutanix Mine with Commvault brings together the best features of the Nutanix Cloud Platform (think: simple, resilient, scaleable, and secure) with the Commvault enterprise-grade data protection software, in a single turnkey solution for customers’ most demanding backup and recovery needs. Nutanix Mine with Commvault aims to make backup and recovery simple, intelligent, and invisible and enable customers to:

  • Meet the most stringent RTO/RPO SLAs with strict consistency
  • Converge backup, recovery, and archival in a single turnkey solution
  • Seamlessly connect to public cloud for long term data retention
  • Start small and scale as your data footprint grows
  • Improve security posture by combining Nutanix’s hardened platform security with Commvault’s built in AI/ML driven anomaly detection, air-gapping, and data validation
  • Protect against ransomware by combining the Nutanix Mine WORM capability for immutable backups with Commvault’s multiple layers of protection control
  • Streamlining the customer support experience

“Nutanix Mine with Commvault takes our partnership to a new level, providing customers with the speed, scalability, and flexibility they need to modernize their data center,” said John Tavares, Vice President, Global Channel and Alliances, Commvault. “Together we are offering the answer to today’s very real data concerns – Commvault’s trusted intelligent data services and Nutanix’s simplified storage in one turnkey solution.”


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