A hyperconvergence “credit card”: New payment options with Nutanix and Societe Generale Equipment Finance partnership

February 24, 2020 | min

The ways we purchase, well, just about anything have changed, and today customers expect options: where they buy, how they buy, and how they pay—be it up front or overtime. This goes for retailers and now extends into B2B purchasing for technology that may have previously only offered an up-front, all-in cost that organizations could potentially balk at.

Recently, Nutanix and Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) entered into a partnership to offer yet another buying option to Nutanix customers looking to purchase industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure and cloud solutions.

The partnership, operating under the name “Nutanix Financial Solutions,” will give end-user customers an option to finance their licenses.

SGEF is the international equipment and vendor finance specialist of Societe Generale group and a worldwide leading player and a key partner for manufacturers and vendors in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Americas. This partnership solidifies the company as the Nutanix finance partner for Europe.

According to Florence Roussel-Pollet, Co-Chief Commercial Officer for SGEF World Wide, “We are delighted to kick start our relationship with Nutanix in Europe and offer competitive and innovative financial solutions to their customers to help them simplify their IT Operations.  Our team is working collaboratively with Nutanix and their reseller and distribution community to bring to the market easy-to-use financial solutions.”

All Nutanix channel partners, regardless of their tier status (Pioneer, Scale or Master) will have access to the innovative and competitive financial solutions packaged up and offered by SGEF for their customers. Tailored finance solutions can be offered across a broad range such as software, and services, including partner-provided services. The partnership is a testament of SGEF’s focus on the technology industry in realizing the customer’s full benefit of leading and disruptive technology today and in the future.

Sammy Zoghlami, SVP, Sales at Nutanix weighed in on the news as well: “For us, there’s nothing more important than customer delight, and that includes structuring a deal in a way that’s comfortable and efficient for their finances. As we embark on our partnership with SGEF, we’re proud to be able to offer an array of market-leading financial solutions for customers and help them realize the full benefit of our technology now and in the future.”

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