Lenovo Launches ThinkAgile HX Mine with Veeam

by Bhavin Shah, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Lenovo

August 26, 2020 | min


Infrastructure and Application Modernization has been the top priority for organizations that need to keep up with the changing business landscape and maintain a competitive edge. And, as part of this datacenter modernization journey, organizations have successfully broken-down infrastructure silos and adopted newer hyperconverged infrastructure-based architectures. Lenovo and Nutanix have been helping customers with these modernization efforts since 2014 with their ThinkAgile HX portfolio that runs the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud stack. Although customers successfully migrated from traditional architectures over to hyperconverged infrastructure for their production workloads, most are still relying on traditional backup solutions and infrastructure for their data protection needs. 

Data protection and availability are the cornerstones for business continuity. Organizations often struggle to meet their business goals due to missed backup windows and not meeting recovery Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Traditional data protection solutions have created complex infrastructure silos that require specialized personnel or teams to deploy and manage the backup infrastructure on an on-going basis. Lenovo, Nutanix, and Veeam have collaborated and are bringing a new approach to deploying and managing data protection solutions with enablement of Nutanix Mine with Veeam on ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes. 

The solution allows customers to run an enterprise-class data protection solution that’s simple to deploy and manage, and allows customers to backup their existing ThinkAgile HX clusters, 3-tier architectures or physical servers, and then use Nutanix Objects or public cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure for longer term retention. ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes with Mine and Veeam aligns with the overall value proposition of the Nutanix Mine solution, and delivers on the promise of: 

  • Faster time to value with a better customer experience for ordering, deployment, sizing, management, scaling, agility, and support. Automated deployment of the data protection solution takes under two hours. 
  • Unified IT operations across primary and backup infrastructure using Prism management console with 1-click simplicity.
  • Drop in, scale up, and scale out that streamlines deployment and delivers cloud-like scaling for storage and data protection, without the proprietary-cloud storage add-on costs and rigid capacity limits of others in the market.

Backup Infrastructure Simplified

Here’s how Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes with Mine and Veeam can help simplify backup infrastructure:

  • Native Architecture: Optimized backup target leveraging the benefits of Nutanix distributed storage fabric. 
  • Automated Roll-out: Nutanix Foundation for Mine automates the deployment and configuration of the Veeam components and SOBR (Scale-Out Backup Repository).
  • Flexible Scaling: On-demand non-disruptive scale out for precise capacity planning. Start with a 4-node cluster and scale out as data needs increase. 
  • Reduced Management: With the Mine dashboard integrating Veeam reporting into the Nutanix Prism console, no context switching is needed.
  • Cloud Flexibility: Ability to leverage Amazon S3, S3-compatible storage like Nutanix Objects on ThinkAgile HX, or Azure Blob for archival needs. 

ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes with Mine & Veeam

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Mine for Veeam will be initially supported on ThinkAgile HX 2321 Certified Nodes for small / ROBO customers, and ThinkAgile HX 5521 for medium to large Enterprises. You can get started with 4-node clusters for either of these platforms. Integrations with the Nutanix Sizer will help customers find the right fit for their data protection needs, rather than over provisioning the backup infrastructure. 

ThinkAgile HX Mine for Veeam Config

Total Rack Space

# of Nodes

Raw Storage

HX 2321




HX 5521




Customers can choose to buy ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes from Lenovo with all the software licenses as optional components, or they can work with their preferred partner to build out the complete backup solution stack. 

Better Together

ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes with Nutanix Mine and Veeam is built on successful long-term partnerships between Lenovo, Nutanix and Veeam, to help guide customers through the rapidly evolving datacenter landscape. With this solution, Lenovo, Nutanix, and Veeam are aiming to help customers simplify their complex backup infrastructure stacks and reduce the management overhead needed to operate data protection solutions.

For more information on Lenovo HX with Nutanix Mine and Veeam, see the solution brief here, or contact your Lenovo representative.

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