Ensure Business Continuity with Wipro virtuadesk™ Powered by Nutanix

May 29, 2020 | min

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing many enterprises to re-examine their business continuity strategies as they struggle with the technology necessary to enable employees to work from home (WFH) in unprecedented numbers. WFH has become the new normal for many businesses, and it’s going to remain important in the post-COVID world. Organizations need solutions that will scale to support 100% of the workforce.

A previous Nutanix blog explained how Wipro virtuadesk™, powered by Nutanix, solves end-user computing (EUC) challenges. The virtuadesk appliance integrates hardware, software, and managed services and is offered via a “pay as you grow” model. It can be deployed either on premises or hosted and enables access anytime, anywhere. This post focuses on the benefits of Wipro virtuadesk™ for ensuring business continuity and keeping people connected and productive.


Virtual Desktops and Business Continuity

Almost every business has a continuity plan to ensure that critical IT systems continue to function, and employees continue to work after disaster strikes. These plans often shift work to other locations or regions. 

But COVID-19 is having impacts across the globe, making such plans inadequate. Organizations are looking for new ways to ensure the productivity of customers, employees working from home—and IT staff.

Many companies rely on virtual private networks (VPNs) to support WFH, but the current crisis has exposed its limitations:

  • Device limitations. Require a company-supplied or approved device with VPN software installed.
  • Inadequate scaling. Most companies were set up to support 10 to 15% of employees on VPN at one time. Extending VPN to the entire workforce creates scalability and security challenges for service providers.
  • Data and security risks. Data can be stored or cached on remote systems, adding risk.
  • Audio/video conference limitations. Dramatic increases in video conferencing can overload VPNs.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) helps to address many of these challenges:

  • Employees can use their personal devices without compromising security.
  • VDI seats can be scaled using datacenter and/or cloud resources.
  • Corporate data stays secure in the datacenter rather than on endpoint devices.
  • Desktop virtualization OEMs have enabled audio and video collaboration using Microsoft Team, Skype For Business, etc. from virtual desktops with audio/video offloading that minimizes the bandwidth impact.

Wipro virtuadesk™ Improves Business Continuity

Wipro’s virtuadesk™ business continuity solution provides cost-effective desktop and application virtualization, leveraging cloud architecture principles and next-generation hardware. The solution offers a number of advantages:

  • Rapid deployment. Accelerates deployment with standard configurations, automated provisioning, and pre-tested templates.
  • High availability and reliability. N+1 redundancy for all critical components, automated failover, and predictive monitoring and maintenance significantly reduce downtime.
  • Easier scaling. Incremental scaling, intelligent automation, and analytics take the guesswork out of adding seats.
  • Better user experience. Delivers consistent high performance.
  • Lower TCO with predictable costs. Predictable per-seat or per-vm consumption models, an evergreen technology roadmap, and on-premises, private-hosted, and cloud deployment options.

Prior to virtuadesk, many customers experienced frequent service interruptions. Now the same customers go months—or even years—without problems. 

Existing Wipro virtuadesk™ Customers

For existing customers, Wipro can scale out your environment quickly—using datacenter or cloud-based resources. For example, one Wipro customer has global operations spanning 100 countries. Wipro helped the company expand VDI capacity by more than 50% to keep business processes running.

New Wipro virtuadesk™ Customers

For new customers, virtuadesk helps you get started quickly while offloading the effort of deploying, managing, and supporting VDI, giving IT teams more bandwidth to support other business-critical functions. Cloud options accelerate deployment. Many Wipro customers utilize a combination of cloud, datacenter, and hosted options to address needs across multiple geographies.

Powered by Nutanix

Wipro selected Nutanix as a preferred technology partner because of ease of implementation, ease of operations, and the ability to implement new use cases quickly on the Nutanix platform. 

Nutanix HCI: The Infrastructure Foundation

The Nutanix HCI architecture supports virtual desktops and applications without the cumbersome management and constant performance tuning required with traditional infrastructure. Nutanix automation makes deploying and configuring new infrastructure fast and simple. Each new Nutanix node supports a predictable number of additional VDI seats. 

Nutanix Prism for Superior Management

Nutanix Prism management allows Wipro to help ensure that software is kept current with minimal disruption. Advanced capacity management tools help achieve greater density and support more users with less hardware.

AHV Hypervisor

virtuadesk™ utilizes Nutanix AHV by default. This integrated hypervisor works seamlessly in the Nutanix environment, further streamlining operations.

One Platform, Many Data Services

The Nutanix environment supports file, block, and object storage all from the same infrastructure, enabling more flexible storage options to meet your needs.

Xi Frame for Fast and Simple Cloud Deployment

Nutanix Xi Frame provides a cloud-based control plane that supports virtual desktops and applications in both the cloud and the datacenter. Choose cloud to get up and running fast or datacenter deployment to optimize long-term costs.

Find Out More

To find out more about Wipro virtuadesk™ and other joint Nutanix and Wipro solutions, visit Wipro and Nutanix: Better Together. To set up a meeting or a workshop to discuss the Wipro virtuadesk™ solution contact

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