Announcing a New IT Choice for Schools and Libraries

Nutanix Integrated Solution Bundles: Now Available for E-Rate Category 2 Funding

K-12 schools and city, county, and tribal libraries are leveraging the Federal E-Rate program for vital funding to close the broadband services delivery gap, provide CIPA certified connectivity solutions and affordable access to high-speed, secure broadband.

Nutanix has introduced an integrated software-defined solution for schools and libraries. Features include a FIPS-140 compliant platform (L1/L2), secure IPv4/IPv6 networking, broadband services, role-based access control, caching services, traffic shaping, and DNS that can run anywhere, from on-premises to the cloud. More than 75% of the costs are estimated to qualify for E-rate funding.

Additional Nutanix features are included in these integrated bundles that come with the eligible solution, providing additional value. Features such as cost governance, files management, and services are non-eligible for E-Rate reimbursement; however, they can be added to the eligible baseline software under a supplemental quote.

Our market-leading platform delivers:


Flow Network Security creates software-based firewalls to segment and protect your users, apps, and data from cyber threats without disrupting your infrastructure. 


Deliver broadband IPV4 services at sites quickly and easily without additional hardware or L1 infrastructure.

Operational Excellence

Consolidation onto a Nutanix platform reduces the total footprint of physical devices required to achieve a secure and serviceable infrastructure, reducing costs and management workload.

Here are resources to help you understand and navigate the E-Rate process:

  • USAC: To learn more about the E-rate application and approval process, USAC offers a variety of training resources to assist schools and libraries. Applicants can also contact USAC’s call center or the state coordinator if they have questions.
  • Carahsoft partners with industry experts to help K-12 academic institutions and libraries understand their eligibility status and the services available for funding.  
  • Fundsforlearning has consulting and services to help guide you through the E-rate funding process: preparing applications, tracking deadlines, and storing important records. 


Customer References

North Syracuse Central School District (New York)

"Our previous data center required multiple tools to manage and maintain. If a problem came up, tracking down the cause was manual and time-consuming. Nutanix gives us total manageability over a single pane of glass, so the network status is all there right in front of us. I don’t have to worry about our infrastructure anymore."

- Tom DiBuono, Senior Network Administrator, North Syracuse Central School District

Klein Independent School District (Texas)

"There’s still a lot of uncertainty around whether students will be back in the classroom, working remotely, or a hybrid of the two going forward. With Nutanix Xi Frame, our students will be able to continue their classes and be assured that they are not left behind."

- Chris Cummings, Director of IT for Klein Independent School District

Avon Grove School District (Pennsylvania)

“At the K12 level, we will continue move toward more of an asynchronous learning environment that can support students whether they are at school or at home. We need an infrastructure that supports that, not only in terms of educational applications devices, but our Student Information System.”

- Gary Mattei, Director Technology for Avon Grove School District

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