Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS

Hybrid Cloud Without Compromise

IT and cloud leaders agree that hybrid cloud is the ideal operating model for today's digital initiatives. Nutanix Cloud Clusters now accelerates hybrid cloud adoption by bridging technical and skills gap between on-prem and AWS environments.

Whether you want to implement Disaster Recovery, burst capacity or migrate workloads to AWS, Nutanix Cloud Platform makes it faster, simpler and cost-effective with a hybrid cloud that keeps you in control

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Fastest path to Hybrid Cloud with AWS


Intelligent infrastructure and advanced virtualization for the cloud era take the complexity out of digital transformation to hybrid cloud, with the same infrastructure and management platform running on-premise and in AWS, giving you unprecedented agility to achieve your business goals.


See a hybrid cloud provisioned in under an hour with NC2

No retooling, no refactoring or re-architecting needed. Nutanix hosted applications can operate on-premises or in AWS without modification

A built-in networking integration allows you to reuse your existing AWS accounts, VPCs and subnets, making your hybrid cloud quick to deploy, simple to manage

Simplify Hybrid Cloud
Operations and Management


The Nutanix Cloud Platform brings the simplicity and speed of its pioneering HCI technology to the public cloud. Perform IT tasks quickly and reliably, on-premises or in AWS, with unified management plane for your applications and data, anywhere.

With Nutanix HCI as the foundation, IT teams get a common platform to deliver all of their workloads and manage all of their business data across both on-premises and AWS environments

Manage on-premises and AWS assets from a single interface with Prism, greatly simplifying your day-to-day IT operations

Streamline hybrid cloud DevOps, with one-click IT-as-a-Service, automated  application provisioning, scaling, and management, delivered by Nutanix Cloud Manager

Improve Hybrid Cloud Cost Efficiency


Reap the benefits of intelligent automation, seamless interoperability, and resource optimization.

Save 35% or more on your cloud spend with automated scheduling of tasks, right-sizing cloud resources and intelligent reserve instance (RI) purchases

Save on cloud costs by automatically hibernating your Nutanix Cloud Cluster (NC2) running on AWS EC2 bare-metal instances and sending data to more cost effective Amazon S3 storage

Right-size cloud storage, memory and CPU utilization to get maximum workload density, performance and value for your business

Modernize Applications with AWS Cloud Services

Use cloud-native services (like AI/ML, CDNs and advanced analytics) to modernize your on-premises applications without expensive re-architecting. Get direct access to all AWS services without any network overlay layer.

Frictionless access: Native integration with AWS networking means you don’t have to re-engineer your network

Enhance security and compliance with built-in security groups to improve data protection in AWS

Fast-track cloud-native Kubernetes and DevOps with Nutanix Kubernetes Engine

New IDC report studies Workload Considerations and 5-year TCO of Cloud Transformations

Understand your choices and impact to your business

What Our Customers Are Saying

"NC2 allows us to easily create a hybrid cloud environment spanning our Nutanix datacenter and AWS, so that we can very rapidly burst capacity in AWS when needed to quickly restore our workloads from a backup."

- Craig Wiley, Sr Infrastructure Systems Architect, Penn National Insurance

“Nutanix Beam has paid for itself by providing the insight we need to control costs. In one instance, we uncovered an API on a development environment that did not need to be running, and shut it off, saving thousands of dollars per month.”

- Declan Fleming, Enterprise Architect for Cloud, UCSD

"The Nutanix solution has more than lived up to our expectations. Providing the on-demand scalability needed to cope with growing business demand while also enabling us to bring forward plans for DevOps and the adoption of containers, Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies in pursuit of more agile and flexible IT moving forward."

- Ilan Stark, Project Leader, Viollier AG

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