Technology Alliances

Visium Analytics

Visium Analytics, LLC focuses on global cybersecurity clarity, machine learning, by advancing technology and automating services to support enterprises in protecting their most valuable assets - their data, business applications, and IoT on their networks and in the cloud.

Our signature technology, CyGraph, provides enhanced HCI and cloud visualization compliments to Nutanix’s suite of products such as Nutanix Flow, which provides micro-segmented network and application security, and to Xi Beam, a Nutanix SaaS offering that provides cloud governance.

CyGraph is flexible cybersecurity telemetry, analytics, infrastructure modeling, and visualization platform - with whiteboard level understandability and reporting flexibility. Delivering actionable and intuitive intelligence in real-time - including:

  • A real-time root causal analysis engine and visualizer – in essence, eliminates the noise, this time, with a shortcut to solve the actual problem
  • Universal data ingestion engine, delivering a single view of the enterprise using data received from disparate cyber and system management tools