Technology Alliances


ThoughtData helps enterprises reduce down time and poor performance of business-critical application services running on IT infrastructure with unified observability solution. ThoughtData’s Enterprise360 software platform provides single pane of glass correlated observability in hybrid IT across network, application, infrastructure performance and cyber threat intelligence. This helps enterprise customers remove manual data correlation, tool clutter, alert fatigue resulting in huge savings in cost and time during critical IT incident triage.

Passive observability into applications performance running on HCI is very challenging since most of the network traffic is east west between VMs inside the hypervisors and traffic can not be tapped inside virtual environments unlike from routers/switches in on premises networks. This creates a huge challenge for customers using virtual infrastructure to gain visibility into their application services running in modern day distributed architectures in cloud.

ThoughtData partners with Nutanix to extend unified observability into Nutanix HCI running on Nutanix AHV, providing seamless observability across business-critical applications. Customers can reap huge benefits in Enterprise IT monitoring with passive observability in Nutanix HCI with Nutanix Prism and ThoughtData Enterprise360 solution integration.

How it works

Using the Nutanix service chain in TAP mode, customers can enable traffic mirroring on VM-VM or entire AHV node onto ThoughtData’s NetSense (Passive Packet Sensor) running as VM on same AHV node. Multiple NetSense sensors collect observability data from various AHV nodes and send information to Enterprise 360 VMs running on any AHV node in the network for centralized & unified observability.

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