Technology Alliances

StorMagic Ltd. ( Formerly KeyNexus )

Today more than ever, technology users must trust that their confidential information is safe and secure, yet readily accessible whenever and wherever it is needed. Data encryption is the cornerstone of a complete security strategy, and the storage and management of encryption keys is an integral part of that strategy. 

Implementing secure key management can be problematic, however. Proprietary communications, inconsistent adoption of common standards, and different key types are some of the problems that make it difficult to create a consolidated strategy. StorMagic aims to simplify this complexity with its flexible and robust FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption key management platform, SvKMS. With SvKMS, organizations can centrally store, manage, and consolidate key management functions across multiple deployment environments and encryption use cases. 

Using the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), SvKMS communicates with Nutanix to function as an external key management server. As a key management server, StorMagic provides storage and management functionality for the encryption keys generated on Nutanix self-encrypting drives (SEDs) for data-at-rest encryption.  

By simplifying key management processes and providing cutting edge integration and key lifecycle capacities, SvKMS makes Nutanix encryption fully compliant and easy to manage.