Technology Alliances

Postgres Professional

Founded by PostgreSQL major contributors Oleg Bartunov and Teodor Sigaev, Postgres Professional provides enterprise-class software and professional services for PostgreSQL since 2015. The company contributes 100+ patches to the upstream open-source PostgreSQL project annually and develops two private forks of this DBMS, Postgres Pro Standard and Postgres Pro Enterprise, intended for early evaluation of PostgreSQL features and efficient processing of large data volumes respectively.

The Postgres Professional team renders 24x7x365 support, remote DBA, expert consulting, database audit and data migration services. The company also specializes in custom feature development for PostgreSQL and provides SLA-based bug fixing for Postgres and its variants. Many PostgreSQL contributors employed by Postgres Professional are frequent conference speakers sharing their practical experience and raising important topics in the open-source communities.

In close collaboration with Nutanix, Postgres Professional performed extensive testing series to make Postgres Pro DBMS available for the community of Nutanix customers. Now Postgres Professional is a Nutanix Ready Partner offering products for high-performance PostgreSQL deployments in the cloud. The company’s database solutions are intended for building large PostgreSQL clusters while ensuring high availability and meeting the present-day security requirements.

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