By combining Nutanix Buckets with LucidLink Filespaces™, organizations gain a high-performance file interface backed by elastic, cost-efficient object storage.

Secure, high-performance file-based workloads
This LucidLink & Nutanix joint solution provides the performance your file-based production workloads require with the economics and ease of management of S3 object storage your business needs. LucidLink Filespaces brings a true object file system to Nutanix Buckets that streams data on-demand instead of just exposing the underlying S3 APIs. With performance provided by LucidLink Filespaces, users can run production file workloads on their Nutanix Buckets object storage.

Remote access and real-time collaboration
With on-demand file access to object storage, Filespaces provides a file service for Buckets, streaming data securely and efficiently to any location, eliminating the need to download and synchronize. By addressing the problem of latency due to distance and reducing the traffic between applications and remote storage, Filespaces enables immediate access to large files from globally distributed locations. Geographically dispersed teams can quickly and securely collaborate on large project files in real-time.

Together, LucidLink & Nutanix provide high-performance file access and the scalability of S3-compatible object storage that you need to power modern file-based workflows. LucidLink Filespaces provides a true file system for Nutanix Buckets that streams data securely and eliminates the need to download and synchronize. Both users and applications can connect to the same global namespace, using it as if it were a local, shared volume. By dramatically boosting responsiveness, file data is delivered efficiently and streamed on-demand significantly improving file access performance.