Technology Alliances

Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software provides visibility into the endpoint, giving IT teams the insights needed to design and support productive digital workspaces.

With Lakeside’s digital experience monitoring solution, SysTrack, running on Nutanix infrastructure, you can:

  • Fine-tune resources like CPU, GPU, memory, storage and more to match user needs
  • Monitor server, VM, and desktop performance within one platform
  • Baseline and improve end-user experience
  • Understand what apps are critical for your users
  • Eliminate unnecessary software licenses
  • Pinpoint the root cause of problems
  • Proactively resolve problems with AIOps
  • Use automation to apply fixes at scale
  • Plan transformation projects and quantify success

SysTrack is a lightweight, agent-based solution that easily scales to support tens of thousands of endpoints. The SysTrack agent and infrastructure have been tested and verified to work seamlessly with Nutanix. Available on-premises or in the cloud.