JackDB is a leading global database security company that's transforming how companies work with data.

JackDB’s flagship product, JackDB Enterprise, is a secure database development environment and cross-platform SQL editor. JackDB Enterprise is deployed and managed on your own infrastructure.

Unique Features:

  • Full SQL activity and audit logging
  • Secure database credentials eliminate shared passwords
  • Browser-based SQL query editor
  • Intuitive database object explorer
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • LDAP / Active Directory integration
  • SAML authentication
  • Enterprise management REST API
  • Real-time activity feeds
  • Shared snippets and real-time datasets
  • Scheduled queries
  • Secure information and event management (SIEM) integration
  • Native data source support for: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and many more database types

JackDB and Nutanix are partnering to deliver JackDB Enterprise, the comprehensive platform for database management on Nutanix AHV.