Technology Alliances

Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud is the leader in DevOps Release Automation and Continuous Delivery. We help organizations like E*TRADE, Gap, HPE, Intel and Lockheed Martin deliver better software faster by orchestrating, automating, and accelerating application releases.

ElectricAccelerator, one of the products of Electric Cloud, Inc., eliminates waiting for builds and tests by intelligently distributing workloads across local, network, or cloud resources. It is an acceleration platform that optimally parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs. This gives software-driven organizations the ability to speed up any number of concurrent activities so they can deliver better software faster. Developers and testers can now choose how long a build or a test will take. Infrastructure managers can deliver better experiences to their development teams while optimizing resources and driving down costs.

Corporations adopting both Nutanix’s hyper converged solution and ElectricAccelerator can dramatically shrink Continuous Integration and Continuous Test cycles to improve engineering productivity. The combination will provide a centralized software build cloud service with true infrastructure elasticity. Corporations adopting the combined solution can save infrastructure cost through higher server utilization and increase productivity through higher software build throughput from the same number of servers.