Nutanix Cloud Platform software running on KTNF Servers


KTNF servers in South Korea are now available to run top-rated hyperconverged infrastructure software from Nutanix

Nutanix has validated the operation of Nutanix Cloud Platforms software on select configurations KTNF servers.  These validated configurations are listed on the Nutanix Hardware Compatibility List. Nutanix and KTNF provide the ease of manageability and security required for private cloud environments, as well as the simplicity and agility similar to public cloud services. 

Which configurations of the KTNF servers are validated?

What is the support for using Nutanix software on KTNF servers?


KTNF provides high-quality maintenance support services to customers with Nutanix solutions.  KTNF handles all hardware support inquiries and Nutanix handles all software support inquiries related to their respective products.

Inquiries from customers and partners

KTNF sells selected configurations of the KTNF KR580S1-308Nserver with Nutanix software and provides high quality maintenance support services to customers.

Contribute to the success of your hybrid cloud deployments by combining Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure software with the KTNF KR580S1-308N server for the optimal customer experience. 

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