Getting Started with Nutanix Flow

Welcome to the Flow Quick Start Customer Portal. On this page, you will find a collection of short videos and documentation that will get you started with Flow in no time.

The self-paced videos on this page cover:

  • enabling Flow and Security Central in your environment
  • understanding how security policies are created and managed
  • geting your applications and data hosted on Nutanix secured from network security threats!

Quick Start: Stop Malware with Flow (4:35)

In the first part of this Flow Quick Start series learn how to enable Nutanix Flow to stop the spread of malware, secure desktops, and protect applications in your environment. Find out how easy it is to get started with Flow and Flow Security Central for security and monitoring of your virtual workloads.

Zero Trust Desktop Security (6:51)

Learn how intra-tier blocking can stop the spread of malware in desktops using east-west blocking that’s similar to PVLANs in physical networks. Protect Frame or Citrix desktops and even use AD group membership for zero trust dynamic security policies.

Flow in 60 Seconds (0:56)

If you’re into DIY and just want to see how to enable and get started with Flow, check out this 60 Second video to learn how. 

Flow Test Drive

Not ready to deploy Flow in your environment but ready to try it out? Check out the Flow Test Drive experience and get a live cloud-based environment to try it out. 

LIVE Workshops


Watched the videos and still have questions or prefer a more interactive experience? Join us in one of our getting started workshops and get answers from our networking and security experts.

In this FREE customers only workshop you will:

  • Learn how easy it is to get started with Flow
  • Get your questions answered by security and networking experts
  • Be prepared to enhance the security of your applications and data hosted on Nutanix
  • Get visibility into upcoming features and functions

Prerequisites and Other Resources

Before you can use Flow, you will need to install and configure an instance of Prism Central and you may also want to optionally deploy and configure Flow Security Central. See the links below for more information.