Life at Nutanix

Meet Raymond from Territory Sales

By Olivia Phan

August 16, 2021 | min

Raymond visiting the Nutanix Headquarters in San Jose, California

As a part of our “Life at Nutanix'' blog series, we profile some of our employees around the world to help you get a sense for our unique team and culture. This blog post features Raymond Teh from our Sales team. Raymond joined Nutanix in August 2019 and currently leads our Territory Sales team based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Here’s our conversation with Raymond.

How did you come to join Nutanix?

“After about 10 years at my previous company, I was ready to explore new ways of doing things, to learn new things, and to meet new people. I jumped at the opportunity to join Nutanix because the products are well-respected, and because of the large market opportunity.” 

How do you explain Nutanix to someone who is not familiar with what we do?

“At Nutanix we provide solutions to help our customers modernise their datacenters, making it easier to manage and more cost effective.”

How does your team impact the success of Nutanix? 

“It has been a rollercoaster journey since I joined. We have a strong and solid team in Malaysia that works hard to win new deals and many new customers. 

My contribution was recognised and led to my promotion to lead the Malaysia Territory team, where I provide mentorship and strategic direction to my team and our extended team in Malaysia.” 

What do you hear from customers about Nutanix and our solutions?

“Our customers are very satisfied with our products for their high performance, solid reliability and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Many of our customers like to be references for us to recommend our solutions to other companies.” 

How has the pandemic affected our business in the region?

“The sales cycle usually takes a couple of months as our team works closely with customers over many sessions to ensure that our products fit well with their existing systems. With the pandemic, our sales cycle is becoming more extended because many companies are being more conservative on spending. This can delay the decision process if more time is needed to evaluate. 

Meeting new customers is also more challenging. It is not as easy to build trust and rapport virtually, as compared to meeting customers in person, especially for new customers.” 

What is an accomplishment that you are proud of from your time at Nutanix? 

“We have won many new logos and have made good deals. One deal that stands out was working with a German-based company, with one of their managed services businesses in Malaysia. Our team worked together to help them successfully adopt our product and make the switch from a competitor. This achievement was recognised during our regional All Hands meeting for employees and I was so proud of what we achieved as a team. We have great solutions and winning this opportunity motivated me and the team to work even harder. 

Another project that I’m proud of was being able to close a deal in Malaysia that extended across multiple countries in APAC including Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This was made possible by partnering closely with our Account Managers in these countries.” 

Raymond celebrating the Nutanix 10 year anniversary in 2019

How would you describe the culture at Nutanix? 

“We have a very flexible work culture at Nutanix and our leaders empower us. Other teams and departments are supportive of each other and we work together with a shared vision and goal in mind. My team addresses concerns in team meetings to help ensure that we all have what we need to be motivated and to achieve our goals.” 

What is your favourite company event? 

“I enjoyed attending our sales orientation training at our Nutanix headquarters in San Jose, California. It was a good experience to meet our global teams and visit our headquarters. Besides that, I can’t wait to join a future Sales Kick-Off (SKO) in-person after the pandemic is over. I attended SKO in-person in 2019 before the pandemic and had a great experience. SKO is a good opportunity to meet and hear from Nutanix leaders, to interact with our top sales reps around the world, and to exchange experiences and learn from one another.”

You have worked in sales for a number of years. What motivates you to keep going? 

The satisfaction of our customers keeps me motivated. Knowing that our products are reliable and well-received by our customers is affirming.

This is one of the reasons why I enjoy working in sales. The interactions I have with people from various experiences and backgrounds helps me learn and gain valuable insights.”

Outside of work Raymond enjoys spending time with his family

Have you gained any new skills during the pandemic? 

“I completed my MBA before the lockdown in Malaysia and I am now working on completing my PhD which is a long journey. During the period where activities are reduced, I get to spend more time upgrading my skills. I have gained a total of 3 certifications: one to become a certified Project Management Professional, and another to become a Nutanix Certified Professional for my technical skills. Although these are not required for my job, strengthening my knowledge helps increase the value that I bring to customers. Lastly, I got certified as a ACE (American Council on Exercise) personal trainer, not so that I can train others, but to ensure that I have the right knowledge and technique. That has helped me lose 10kg during this period!” 

Thank you to Raymond for sharing his experience. To learn more about our team, culture and careers at Nutanix, please visit our Life at Nutanix blog and Careers page.


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