HPE and Nutanix – Celebrating One Year of Partnership 

September 9, 2020 | min

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is excited to be a Diamond sponsor of the 2020 Global .NEXT Digital Experience. The global COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us all to do things differently. Though we were looking forward to seeing our partners, colleagues and customers in person, this year we will be doing so virtually. Nonetheless, we will have engaging, information-packed set of sessions fully worth your time.  Make sure to tune into the Nutanix .NEXT Digital Experience user conference from the comfort of your home office, and visit the Hewlett Packard Enterprise  virtual booth. This will be your portal to all things HPE running Nutanix software. From here you will be able to access the two HPE hosted sessions: 

  • “HPE & Nutanix Partnership, Accelerate and Simplify your IT Transformation”
  • “HPE ProLiant DX with Nutanix, Solutions for today’s unique challenges”

Join us to learn more about our partnership with Nutanix as we celebrate the 1st year anniversary of our collaboration. Great things happen when the industry’s leading worldwide servers are offered along with the industry’s leading hyperconverged software! Together we are enabling more choice for customers to meet their business needs by providing a broad and unique portfolio of servers that are optimized for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software. Offered in a choice of business models, customers can procure through a traditional purchase or lease model, or, as their business needs grow, in an as-a-service model (aaS) with HPE GreenLake

Did you know that HPE has the broadest hardware portfolio available for Nutanix customers? Within our first year of partnership the HPE ProLiant DX portfolio has grown to include up to fourteen different models that address the most demanding customer workloads from the core data center to the edge.

The HPE ProLiant DX servers offer extensive configurations that have been qualified and certified by Nutanix. The HPE ProLiant DX systems preinstalled with Nutanix software run all the popular x86-based industry standard business-critical applications from vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Citrix, VMware, IBM, Avaya, Cisco, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, and many others.

A few of the HPE ProLiant DX products are worth highlighting:

The HPE ProLiant DX560, the top performance Intel server in the ProLiant DX product family that is highly scalable for demanding OLTP workloads and has been certified for SAP HANA and NetWeaver.  

The HPE ProLiant DX4200 is a unique, space-saving designed storage-dense system that supports up to 240TB storage per node for Nutanix Files and Objects giving you multi-petabyte scale for your clusters. This system can also be used for your transactional storage so you only have to manage one infrastructure for all your on-prem storage needs. 

The HPE ProLiant DX385 is the first AMD offering in the ProLiant DX portfolio. Considered a “workhorse” server for performance and expandability, the ProLiant DX385 has been designed to drive business-critical workloads requiring
high performance. 

We are especially proud of the HPE ProLiant DX8000, which expands the possibilities as to where you can take your business critical computing. This unique offering--smaller than a carry-on baggage--is a powerful, rugged server that has been designed for harsh conditions outside of the datacenter. 

So what is in it for you? HPE provides an industry-leading secure and reliable foundation to run the Nutanix software environment. Nutanix, a pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), delivers innovative HCI software that helps businesses get new applications up and running quickly, scale up and down easily as needs change, and is simple to manage. All this leads to reduced costs, a more productive IT staff, and many happy end users. Together, HPE and Nutanix provide customers with more choices to meet business needs for today’s unique challenges.

Make sure to visit the HPE booth and learn more about our partnership and our unique product portfolio at the Nutanix .NEXT Digital Experience. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, set up an appointment to speak with us more in-depth, and participate in a fun giveaway! We are looking forward to seeing you! 

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