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September 17, 2020 | min

You may have previously kept your podcast listening confined to morning and evening commute hours in the car or on public transportation, but as we’ve progressed through pandemic times, podcast listenership that had initially slumped is on the rise again. There’s no better time than now to tune into a few new ones—and conveniently, we have a great option for you folks in IT. 

The Nutanix Community Podcast is a weekly podcast specially tailored towards Nutanix customers where you can enjoy hearing experts hash out hot topics in IT, but also get fantastic insights into new features, tips, tricks, and improvements you can make to your existing Nutanix environment. Co-hosted by a dynamic Canadian duo comprised of your friendly Nutanix Community guru Angelo Luciani, and go-to Nutanix tech expert Dwayne Lessner, the Nutanix Community Podcast is on its 82nd episode and going strong.


To get you started, we’ve homed in on the five most popular episodes with listeners so far. Give them a listen and let us know what topics you’d like to hear about! 

Episode 70: The Evolution of Performance - (30 minutes) 

Hear from Dwayne and Engineering Technical Director Jon Kohler as they discuss NVMe, performance, multi-queuing and reducing SCSI controllers, hybrid systems, keeping wheels on the bus, Ferraris with spinning wheels, and more things that don’t feature wheels at all. 

Quotable quote: “I’ve always kind of joked internally that NVME—and especially a very fast medium like 3 XPoint, also known as Intel’s Optane Technology—is really good at showing you where you suck. And that’s a good thing!” 

Episode 46: NearSync Replication: Reducing RPO Times (23 minutes) 

In this entertaining, pre-holidays episode, Dwayne and Angelo are joined by Mark Nijimeijer, Director of Product Management - Data Protection, to discuss an important question: during holidays, furloughs, leaves, or—you know—pandemics, how can you stay confident that your systems are running flawlessly and are protected? The guys dig into NearSync capability in AOS 5.5 to answer that very question. 

Quotable quote: “With NearSync, start about thinking about putting one application in a protection domain. Start grouping them on a per-application basis. You’ll have a nice management boundary around your applications, but you’ll also be able to more tightly control the RPOs or RTOs or retentions for that particular application.” 

Episode 69: Understanding the Software and Application Strategy (24 minutes) 

If you haven’t been acquainted with the Nutanix legend that is Sachin Chheda, you’ll get a good dose of Sachin Sauce in this episode focused on software and application strategy—from building an application catalog to laying out a roadmap. 

Quotable quote: “It’s never worth modernizing an application just because there’s a newer technology involved. Many times the value you derive is not greater than the investment you have to put in.”  

Bonus quotable quote: “The thing that I recommend for any organization on the infrastructure side, start by understanding what are some of the applications they have to support. There’s no better way to do that than, if I can use the term, by doing an ‘audit’ of the applications, and understanding what they have to support today, and what they’ll be supporting in the future.” 

Episode 67: Simple, 1-click Migrations (21 minutes) 

It’s time to make a Move! Dwayne and Angelo are joined by veteran Nutanix tech expert  David Teague to talk all about the simplest migrations you can imagine with Nutanix Move which provides application mobility services to virtual machines. Hear about how Move automates mundane steps you hate with manual migrations or rebuilding VMs, and get an idea of how to configure best practices needed for optimal VM performance—which leads to craveable time and cost savings. 

Quotable quote: (regarding migrations with Nutanix Move) “You know, I’ve done small servers and we even moved a 10 terabyte file server this time, and I was amazed how easy it was. 

Episode 57: All Things Kubernetes (35 minutes)

Dynamic IT author, blogger, and speaker Scott Lowe (he’s the only one we know that holds onto Mastering VMware vSphere 4.4 for “sentimental reasons”) joins the Community podcast in this ep to talk through Kubernetes trending topics and questions—from build-it-yourself vs. managed to the quest for speed of delivery and cloud to snapshot hoarding. 

Quotable quote: “‘Why do I need a backup solution for Kubernetes? Containers are ephemeral, right?’ Even if you have a set of workloads that are 100% stateless--and I would even argue that--but for the sake of discussion, even if you had it, there is still ‘state’ from the cluster itself that you’re gonna want to maintain.” 

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