Secure Cloud Workspaces

Easily roll out apps and desktops to your team from the cloud. Install any software and use it from any device with a web browser.

Features Overview

Domain Join

We support domain-joined instances on all Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms (Nutanix AHV, AWS, Microsoft Azure).

FedRAMP Ready

Frame is the only Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution with a FedRAMP Ready designation.

Robust Authentication

We have a full RBAC with support for any SAML2-based provider, Google, AD, built-in users or custom authentication.

Persistent & Non-persistent Desktops

Frame supports user profiles for non—persistent (stateless) desktops, as well as persistent desktops.

Non-disruptive Publishing

Publishing does not impact performance or user experience. Absolutely no downtime due to publishing.

Centralized Reporting

There’s built-in centralized reporting with Audit Trail and a suite of features for managing sessions at scale.

User Experience


"You can actually dial into a blazingly-fast computer with 16 CPUs, 4 GPUs and 54 gigs of RAM, all over the cloud. Damn!"


"Frame is the future of both software distribution and personal computing in the post-mobile era I'm going to call ubiquitous computing."


"Frame envisions a future where you can use computationally demanding app right in your web browser. That future is closer than you might think -- in fact, it's seconds away from happening."


Multi-client Access

Frame was developed for HTML first, by design. Other clients are available (in early access).

API Suite

API’s allow you to embed Windows apps, use your current identity management system, and access analytics.

User & Admin Support

Central performance and support capabilities are available to both users and admins.

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