Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Inspur

Merge agility with performance to transform your IT

Eliminate the complexity of traditional infrastructure and significantly reduce costs

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is webscale hyperconverged infrastructure that delivers the flexibility and simplicity of public cloud alongside the security and control of private cloud. The solution combines the strengths of Inspur servers with Nutanix software to provide a simple, scalable, easy-to-deploy solution for private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Simplify IT Infrastructure

Businesses today expect technology to be powerful, intelligent, and so reliable that it  operates flawlessly, without your thinking about it. Now you can focus on your core business and innovation.

Leading Technology

Inspur is 3rd largest server provider globally by volume, and the number 1 provider in China according to Gartner and IDC.

Easy Service and Support

For Inspur validated servers, customers call Nutanix for software support and Inspur for hardware support. Nutanix and Inspur cooperatively coordinate on support cases