Sammy Zoghlami

“Diversity is recognized within my team. Having a diverse team is the right recipe to making quality decisions regarding work. Diversity is a good foundation to a great place to work.”

Sammy has called Nutanix home for the past six years. Known as a Nutanix “Veteran,” Sammy has been with the company through much of its rapid growth. He joined as a Sales Manager in 2013 and quickly climbed the ranks to become a VP of Sales.

During his time at the company, Sammy has watched the Nutanix culture evolve. Despite this evolution, he feels our core values of “Hungry, Humble, and Honest with Heart” are consistently at work. In particular, Sammy spoke a lot about the core value, “Humble.” He feels that a strength of Nutanix is that people don’t act like they know everything here. Seeking to understand is one of the core principles that allow Nutanix to be successful. Nutants are encouraged to have a sense of ownership and not be risk-averse. Sammy says: “Failure is part of the learning process.”

Sammy shares that Nutaniz has a bottom-up culture, where everyone has a chance to be an entrepreneur and innovate. As a builder, he pushes his employees to succeed and be their best selves. Sammy feels that we must acknowledge and recognize people who put in hard work and have the skills to excel at Nutanix. He is a strong proponent of promoting deserving employees that have demonstrated what it takes to get to the next level.

Diversity is also a key priority for Sammy. His team members have always come from backgrounds, ethnicities and roles. But he knows that there is more work to be done when it comes to gender diversity and the recruitment process is being altered to help address this. In six quarters, his team has started to bridge the gap from 9% to 16% females. Sammy is encouraged by this progress and is committed to continuing to increase diversity while hiring the most qualified candidates for the job.

Sammy believes that diversity of thought and people are essential to a thriving business. Bringing more diverse individuals onto teams, leveraging differences and promoting inclusion all make for a stronger workplace.