Big Data

Unleash the power of machine data with Splunk Enterprise on Nutanix

Focus on the data, not the infrastructure. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud takes the complexity out of managing infrastructure for Splunk, allowing Splunk experts to spend more time extracting insight and business value from data.

Virtualizing Splunk on Nutanix

Leverage a single high-density platform for Splunk Enterprise, VM hosting, and application delivery. Get expert recommendations for the design, optimization, and scaling of Splunk deployments on Nutanix.

Master Your Data Growth

Put the Power of Cloud to Work for Your Splunk Workloads

Grow your Splunk deployments rapidly and easily as new data sources are added. Start small and scale out without worrying about the bottlenecks that occur with traditional architectures. Or launch pilot projects in the cloud and easily bring them on-prem when ready to scale. Take full advantage of server virtualization, built-in availability, and self-healing features to keep your data ingest and analysis humming.

Deliver App-centric Automation

Simplify and accelerate Splunk Enterprise deployments with easily repeatable application deployment blueprints. Nutanix Calm provides comprehensive app-centric automation capabilities that take seamless hybrid cloud SIEM, analytics, and search  infrastructure management to another level entirely.

Increase Security Without Adding Silos

Deploy Splunk securely on a Nutanix cluster with other workloads and avoid the need for a separate silo of infrastructure. Nutanix systems are certified across a broad set of evaluation programs to ensure compliance with the strictest security standards.

Leverage Speed and Efficiency with Nutanix

Get Fast Time to Value

Be up and running in a few hours. Deploy new capacity in minutes without concern for storage and network bottlenecks.

Stay Online

Keep your Splunk deployments protected and available with built-in data protection, disaster recovery, self-healing, and redundancy capabilities.

Reduce Your Footprint

Slash your footprint by up to 4x with HCI and capacity optimizations such as compression, deduplication, and erasure coding.

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Let's Get Started!

See how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can drive Splunk along with your other business-critical workloads.