Prism Pro

Streamline infrastructure operations with the help of advanced machine intelligence 

Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism Pro can mine large volumes of system data to automate common tasks and generate actionable insights to optimize virtualization, infrastructure management, and everyday operations.

Prism Pro adds powerful machine intelligence to the Prism management platform. Explore all the possibilities.

Leverage Advanced Capacity Usage Analysis and Recommendations

Prism Pro provides advanced predictive capacity planning capabilities, powered by X-FIT, to optimize both pay-as-you-grow capacity expansion and provisioned capacity usage—with a single click.

Deliver Proactive Remediation

Powered by Nutanix’s X-Fit and X-Play technologies, Prism Pro learns the real-time performance behavior of VMs, detects anomalies, and enables the IT team to automate remediation. 

Detect Anomalies

Rely on behavioral analysis and predictive monitoring for actionable early warnings.

Find Bottlenecks

Get intelligent detection of VM performance issues with machine learning-powered analytics.

Create Remediation Playbooks

Enable automatic triggering of playbooks for remediation and troubleshooting based on alert policies.

Automate Your Day-to-Day

Build operational automation and improve productivity easily—and with zero coding. With a few clicks, your IT team can use X-Play's intelligent signals and built-in actions to automate day-to-day operational tasks.

Codeless Task Automation

Make intelligent signals actionable by connecting to an automated remediation or operations task.

Action Gallery

Leverage numerous out-of-the-box actions as well as REST and script actions to connect your existing tools and systems.

Centralized Upgrades

Enable one-click upgrades to hundreds of clusters without service disruption.

Get Actionable Business Intelligence on Infrastructure Performance

Prism Pro delivers rich insights from real-time monitoring of your environment, and drives automated, detailed reporting.

Customize Your Operations Dashboard

Monitor data you care about most with configurable, visually rich dashboards that provide a quick summary of application and infrastructure status. Leverage actionable information gleaned from user-tunable key performance indicators (KPIs) and anomaly detection to accelerate troubleshooting.

Automate Your Reporting

Get operations insights and send them to your stakeholders automatically. Effortlessly compose a rich and consumable report with AI-driven intelligence. Provide your application teams and management with access to valuable, actionable information on infrastructure and workloads.

Prism Pro brings predictive analytics to infrastructure operations. For effortless management of that infrastructure, there’s Prism.

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