Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization with Nutanix Beam


Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization with Nutanix Beam

Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization with Nutanix Beam

Many application and technology budget owners are surprised by the unexpectedly high costs of their cloud services. To prevent uncontrolled cloud spend and enable more accurate resource planning, cloud teams need better visibility of actual service consumption across all cloud environments.

Beam is a multi-cloud cost optimization service delivered by Nutanix to help organizations gain visibility into cloud spend across multiple cloud environments. Beam enables organizations to multi-cloud with freedom.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Set policies that maintain high levels of cloud cost efficiency and right size your cloud infrastructure
  • Track cloud spend across teams and easily map consumption to business units
  • Use recommendations driven by machine intelligence for smarter purchasing decisions
  • Automate cloud security checks
  • And more!

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